Open My Profile Check My Gigs...I need Help From Seniors Sellor


Hello To All my Seniors
I want Your Help
Please open My Profile And Check My Gigs
Guide Me For Changing My Gigs
Please It’s A Request To All Fiverr Seller
Need Help…!!!


I’m not a “senior seller”.
However I hope that you will find my observations useful.

My overall impression is that you have good intentions, nevertheless I sense that something is seriously “off”.

From a graduate in Telecommunications Engineering, that also qualifies himself as “100% Professional, very expert in design and graphics” I expect no less than:

  • a perfect command of English,
  • a smart choice of pictures,
  • some kind of originality both in words and imagery,
  • and most of all the sense of order.

Starting form the bizarre use of the capital letters, and going on with the untidy formatting and with all those typing errors, you’re showing nothing of the mental shape of a proper graduate, or of an actual designer.
It seems that you’re not even aware of this.

You have a good sense of humour, though. Just one example:

i Am Professionally Type Articals Copyrights without Any Mistake

And a few lines below:

i have a good grip on typing with no mistakes for sure

Speaking of business cards, it would be nice to see actual business cards, and not just their rendering.


A Good Guidelines For Me
Thank You So Much


This is one of the most important thing for both buyers and sellers. I really do not understand some buyer’s English.