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Open new account or create new gig gig in this account?

After 6-7 month ago i open fiverr account and create gig but not find any order. Some reason i am not active in fiverr. Now what can i do? I open new fiverr account ? Or In this account delete all gig and create new gig? Please suggested


If you haven’t received any orders with this account, what makes you think that it would be any different with a new one?


No order no buyer message

First you should be more active at fiverr then
Share your gig on social media
And send buyer request
Keep patience hope you will get order if you do this perfectly

Please share your gig social media and send Buyer request.

Don’t create a new account, Fiverr’s TOS states that you shouldn’t have multiple accounts. Secondly as catwriter rightly said:

There are a few reasons I can see why your gig might not be performing as you want it to. Firstly your main gig images are super bright yellow, maybe this is personal preference but I don’t think it looks great and its not easy on the eyes.

Similarly your descriptions are very intense. Lots of icons, bold, highlighted text. it makes it harder for customers to quickly see what you offer and what the gig is about. There are also spelling and grammar issues.

Then you have your other gig images that don’t really show any good examples of your work. For example on your Woocommerce Wordpress gig you use pictures of a website template, not designed by you that is sold on this site. I could understand if you were showing that you can customise templates for your customers but this is a template designed for Shopify so its not even the correct type for your gig.

Just creating a new account and hoping that things will be better is not the correct thing to do here. You need to be the one actively trying to improve your gigs, your service and your skills. At the end of the day, your success comes down to you. Try to improve your gig and good luck!


And how would a new account help with that?

I’m sorry, why quoting me? Or did you tell me to share my gigs and send offers to requests (if yes, why)?

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