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Open new account with the previous fiverr deactivation mail id

Question 01 : If Once I deactivate my fiverr account. After that will I able to use the same mail id to create a new id ?
I’m new on fiverr let me know about that and i’m sorry if there is any miss conversion.

Question 02: I used a account in my computer. For some reason I have to open another account in the same device. That will be a problem I know that. But if I will never Login the previous ID again in the same device and continue with the new ID, will that be a problem for my new ID?

Please suggest me if anyone know about that.

Thank Fiverr Community.


You will need to inform the CS to get permission to open another account, and explain to them.
If not, most likely, both accounts will get disabled.

Q1. No, same email ID can’t create another ID, same for the phone no.
Q2. Both accounts will get banned . But I dont know

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thank you. Have any suggestion for me?

What is CS? Have any web link ?
if i install my windows again will that be ok for my new id?