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Open New account?

Hello Everyone, How Are you all!!

I need your suggestion. I opened my Fiverr account in 2019 and Create GIG in July 2020. is it the problem not to get any orders or Should I delete this account and open a new account???

waiting for your feedback

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What makes you think if you close one account and open another you will suddenly get orders? The truth is, you will likely not. Also, it is against the TOS to open multiple accounts here - EVEN IF - you are abandoning other accounts.

The thing is, even if you were to open a new account and it does not perform well, is the solution to shut that one down and open another one? It isn’t the account that is the problem, it is probably that your Gigs are in a very saturated category or they are not attractive enough to draw in potential buyers. Fix that instead of creating new accounts.



thanks for your valuable comments. I am trying to upgrade my gigs every 7 days. what else I can do for getting an order? :thinking:

Unfortunately, if you will create another one account, Fiverr will delete it forever, because it’s against ToS.

And it will never help you - the problem is not in your account, you should work on your gigs, on your keywords, send offers to buyer requests, advertise your Fiverr account and services everywhere you can

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Thank you. i will follow comments

Thanks to all. i have done my 1st order with 5* review.

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Congratulations Shakir, keep it up