Open Tickets over a Month


I’m wondering if anyone else had open tickets over a month old. I posted a couple more times asking what the status of the ticket was, but still no reply.

So I’m curious if anyone else had this problem and if they just gave up or found a way to get someone from customer support to reply to your ticket.



It may very well be a glitch in their system or they get such an overwhelming amount of tickets sent in on a daily basis that it got lost in the mix and buried. Honestly if you’re waiting that long, I would almost open another ticket to report the potential glitch. Has it been assigned to a rep yet or is it just simply open?


I’ve had a “we’ll check into it and let you know” ticket open since August.


I suspect they have been busy coding :frowning:


Well yes I have but nothing has changed.

Here are the pertinent exchanges between myself and CS:

Ricksper 2 months ago

In reviewing my gig listing, I noticed that an Incorrect average response time is listed on my account. While I have very few sales, you should be aware that I have delivered all of them in a day or less. Not a week. Please see that this is corrected

Ryan 2 months ago

Hi there,The average response time refers to how quickly you response to conversation messages in your inbox. To lower the average response time, you must reply to your conversations faster.


Ricksper 2 months ago

Could you point to specific instances where I have not responded to “conversations” within a day or less? As far as I know, I have responded to all of them within hours of receiving them. Please provide specific instances where I have not done this.

Ryan 2 months ago

Specifically this is related to the conversation with xxxxxx who first contacted you on August 9th and the first reply was made on the evening of the 16th.

Ricksper 2 months ago

Ryan, there seems to be some sort of a problem with your timing of events. Unfortunately, specific items in the conversation thread between xxxxxx and myself appear to be undated.

First of all, the first communication I had with xxxxxx on Aug 9th began with “…it’s Xxxxxx again. I finally paid…” Indicating that she must have had an issue with fiverr before hand.

I responded to her twice the same day as I received the order.

Her order was delivered and marked as such within 24 hours. It was marked complete 3 days later. The images I created for her are dated Aug 9th on my computer records.

It was not until later perhaps the 16th that xxxxxx responded with a complementary note about the work she received and I immediately thanked her for her order.

May I ask why the conversation responses are not dated? It certainly would have helped in resolving this issue.

Ryan 2 months ago

Do you have a screenshot of the conversation page so that we can look in to that for you?

Ricksper 2 months ago

Ryan, in order to make the conversation legible, I had to do this in 4 screen shots labeled fiverr1 thru fiverr4. I hope this will work for you.

On further review of my emails I find that after I submitted my work to xxxxxx no later than Aug 190th, she sent her complimentary note time stamped Aug 15 at 9:13:37pm and replied with a “Thank you” soon thereafter. There was no correspondence between me and the buyer from the time I submitted my work until then.

[4 Screenshots were attached]

Jenny 2 months ago

Hi there,

I’ve forwarded your suggestion about readily visible time stamps on Fiverr messages to our product team.

As for your responsiveness data, as long as you would communicate with your new buyers in a timely manner (responding to their messages within 12-24 hours if possible), this stat would eventually decrease. This would take some time, so we would appreciate your patience in this matter.



Ricksper 2 months ago

Well Jenny, I guess you don’t understand what my previous correspondences with (Ryan) were about. It is my contention that I have responded to ALL of my replies within 24 hours. SO WHY IS MY AVERAGE RESPONSE TIME SHOWN AS 1 WEEK+? Please read my previous communications with Ryan. I have submitted a strong case with ample evidence that I don’t deserve this rating on my account.If you are not able to read the screenshots of the conversation between myself and xxxxxx that I submitted at Ryan’s request, Please let me know. And PLEASE do not reply with a “canned” response.

Jenny 2 months ago

We’ll be looking further into this matter with our tech team and will see what can be done. You’ll receive an update once we have news regarding this matter.



Ricksper 2 months ago

FYI, in order to provide more info for your technical guys to digest. There are two exchanges between xxxxxx and myself that do not appear in our conversation.

One where xxxxxx thanks me for the work and the other where I thank xxxxxx for her business.

Hope this helps.

Ricksper 2 months ago

Checking in to see if my responsiveness rating is going to be corrected.

I have further information regarding my complaint. Attached is a screen shot of a “Discussion” The three exchanges between xxxxxx and myself included in the screenshot are without time stamps and do not appear anywhere in the “conversation” shown by fiverr. I reiterate, I replied to ALL of the queries from xxxxxx within 24 hours

[screenshot attached]