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Open your eyes and you won't have to ask so many questions


It seems like the last two weeks have presented an issue that I never encountered previously.

One of the things I try very hard to do is keep good communication with my clients. A lot of my buyers mention this in my review so I know it’s appreciated. Lately, however, a few of my buyers just disregard my messages and ask me a question that is answered in the message I just sent them! One situation happened when I sent a buyer a message asking a question and the next day I received a message which I assumed was the buyer giving me an answer but no the buyer said, “Just checking in, if you have any questions let me know!”… umm seriously?

I don’t want to be rude when I respond, but it’s like pulling teeth to get a timely response through the Fiverr messaging system and when I do its completely useless because the buyer didn’t read anything I even said!

Another situation was after I delivered an order. I delivered with a message giving the requested contacts name and number along with a spreadsheet that held additional information. Three days after the delivery, the buyer asks me if I ever had a chance to finish the spreadsheet. I responded “Yes, didn’t you see my delivery attachment?” she writes back “oh OK I see it now, thanks”. An hour later she says, “were you able to get that contact name and number, I really need it.”. At this point I was blown away and annoyed, but said “Please read the delivery message for contact name, number and email.” Her response was to ask the order as complete finally.

Seriously though, who doesn’t read their delivery orders?! It’s so frustrating, open your eyes people!


You sound like you’re having one of my days… geeze!


God yes, I’ve had this for the past two days now! My first week here, over 60 orders, and it was all great until yesterdays buyers being unable to read messages. MADDENING! :slight_smile:


Ugh! I did a massive project for this one buyer, but the information she sent just wasn’t enough to get it up the word count she purchased. I delivered the order and let her know that there was still a few hundreds words she could use if she wanted to. She got back to me immediately, asking if I could use the extra words to write about an additional topic, which I did, and then delivered again.

She came back two months later asking if I had ever gotten the chance to write those additional words, or if I’d like to explain myself before she left a negative review. She hadn’t even looked at the order page! I took a screen shot of the delivery with the additional assignment, with the time stamp, which had been made the same day as the request, and pointed her to the order page.

I was pissed. After two months, she was going to give me a negative review and she hadn’t even checked the order page to see if I’d done what she asked!? I get that this website is a little confusing, but it isn’t that difficult to find your orders.


Oh man. I laugh just because I have been through that SO many times! I got to the point where I would either type “See above message” or copy and paste what I had just written. Once or twice, the buyer tried to tell me I didn’t have to be rude, to which I responded, “I don’t mean to be rude. I just figured you missed the message, so I pasted it again to save time typing.” And then add like a smiley face or something.

It’s hard for us passive-aggressive types to respond without sarcasm sometimes. LOL


Reply to @emasonwrites: My buyer didn’t threaten a bad review (instead she opted for no review) however along the same lines she had an attitude like she was about to call me on my supposed oversight. Her first message was “weren’t you supposed to give me the updated events list for the expo center???” and I think she was embarrassed by the fact that it was right in front of her face for the past three days. After that I think she tried to call me out on something else to make herself feel better and when I pointed out where that info was even more clearly stated, she just quietly disappeared.

Sometimes it’s easy to miss a regular message especially when you aren’t looking for it, but when it comes to an actual order, I don’t see why a buyer wouldn’t at least check the status before asking where it is.

I know that I for one, am not interested in repeating myself several times especially via messaging and I’m certainly not interested in being reprimanded because the buyer didn’t feel like paying attention that day. Is so annoying!


Reply to @goodgift: I feel like buyers get offended when they are called out, and because they are embarrassed they lash out at the seller for correcting them. It’s not like we want them to be embarrassed, I would much rather not have to be captain obvious for these people. There is is only so many ways to say “Please read the previous message” or “please see the order I sent you a month ago” lol