Opened my own company using Fiverr money


Hello Everyone.

I’m very happy to say that I have opened my own company and I really like to thank Fiverr for that.

How i opened my own company using fiverr money, here is my story.

After graduating as mechanical engineer i searched for job everywhere in India but i didn’t get job anywhere and i stayed in home for long time meanwhile i was selling clothes, marketing for others. Luckily one of my friend suggested about Fiverr website, since i got lot of time i researched about fiverr and tried other websites also, but after few months only fiverr worked for me other websites become useless for me.

For three months i didn’t get any orders in fiverr, i tried and tried again again, like others i also struggled to get first order . When i completed first order then i came to know i got something in me, i have to use this platform for good and have to use my talent. Then my gigs started sell for themselves, buyers started to ask me to provide other service like 3D modelling, analysis and animation and i started to provide other service and since then my business started to boom.

My parents are disappointed in me for not getting job in India but when i showed my earnings on Fiverr they were shocked and happy. Most of indians not know about fiverr, even though if they know they wont concentrate. My friends and families laughing at me when i said working in Fiverr and no one believed in me. They said i wont get married if i go in this way. Well i didn’t care about them i followed my passion. I learned lot in fiverr, each and every order taught me lot and i learned lot about online marketing, managing project.

But i took Fiverr seriously and earned more than 5 lakhs indian rupees within 3 months. 5 lakh is more than enough to open company in India. Now i have my own office and employees are working under me. I’m very glad that i got to know Fiverr sooner otherwise my life will be different. Fiverr changed my life and very very thankful for that. This is the right platform to show our talent.

All i want to say is believe in yourself when no one does. Show them who you are, what you’re capable of, you’re not weak.



ha ha :joy::joy::joy:, Thank you bro


I think you should change the thread category to “Fiverr Stories” because it is a good one! :thumbsup:


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What an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing. With your drive and passion, I am sure your company will do well.


Great story! I’m using fiverr to collect some money to open filmmaking business and direct some documental movies. Your story gives a lot of hope :slight_smile:


Hats Off. Congrats Buddy. One day I will reach that summit as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Its been 2 months I Am here and I am level 2 seller with earning of $1000 dollars. Fiverr sure is a good platform


Nice story! Congrats! :slight_smile:


What a wonderful story. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your wishes.


Thank you and all the best for your business too


Thank you, Best of luck to you as well


Thank you for your wishes


Thank you for your appreciation


Congratzzz …:slight_smile:


Congrats Darshan! We are Happy for you! :tada:


“Bharath Made”!

YOU DA MVP! bows head

Is the company related to what you do on Fiverr or did you use your Fiverr income to start a new business?

It’s a nice success story. Please make sure you send a tweet to Nirmala Sitaraman, they regularly feature stories, provide mentor-ship and startup capital to entrepreneurs under the government scheme.


That’s amazing Darshan, congrats! I just love it when young people become entrepreneurs in our country. We need more of that. Bharath Made, indeed :slight_smile: