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Opened up fiverr months back, still no jobs

i haven’t gotten any job on fiverr yet and i really got excellent skills at what i do. please is there any particular re

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What are those gig images lol


theyre not cool? please i need ideas on what to do really

I want to be helpful. But this is going to make for some tough reading.

Your profile states you are ‘kin to details’. That makes no sense.

One of your gigs states ‘I will design a professional corporate brand’ and yet the gig image shows a picture that a three or four year old might find appealing. Not a corporate brand.

Another of your gigs states ‘Are you looking for quality virtual assistant service? If yes, you are in right place. Let me take care of them and be more productive on your own than ever.’ Anyone reading it will know what you mean, but those three short sentences are littered with grammatical errors. Why would anyone trust you to be their virtual assistant if you’re not able to write in grammatically correct English?

Your third gig claims that you are a web design expert, and yet your gig image shows another childish image that has no connection whatsoever to web design. There are no examples of sites that you’ve worked on. Why would anyone buy this gig?

Even your post on the this forum states you have “really excellent skills” and yet you haven’t demonstrated this in your own marketing material.

In summary:

  • you don’t give examples of the quality of work a client can expect.
  • your gig images are childish and have no connection to the service you offer.
  • your grammar and attention to detail is poor.
  • and, would a website design expert really also a be a virtual assistant? No.

On a positive note, if those child friendly images really are your own original design work rather than copied and pasted from somewhere else, then you should start a new gig offering ‘attractive child friendly cartoon’ images. That might make you some money. But only if those images are your own work.


If this is not a Trol account I am going to flip.

I never imagined THAT would be his images for business branding.

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I’ve just noticed that the op states level of English is ‘fluent’. :roll_eyes:

I’m tempted to do a Google reverse image search to see if those gig images are original work. Don’t suppose you fancy doing this?

thanks so much i have to work of my gigs then. i appreciate this

my first time so im open to correction

I was going to offer you to hire someone to make you professiolan thumbnails but then I noticed number 10. If you put 10 as your skill you can not hire others to make you GD work.

  1. Data Entry 2. Spreadsheets 3. Google Docs 4. Ecommerce Product’s data uploading 5. Shopify Product Listing 6. MS Office, Excel 7. Web Research 8. Shopify store management 9.Amazon Products Listing 9.Product Research 10. Graphic design editing 12. Web design (wordpress & wix) - Social Media Marketing: 1. Facebook Marketing. 2. Twitter Marketing. 3. Instagram

you’re so kind Thanks a lot