Opening vacation mode for a month


Hi Friends,
I am gonna busy for a month so i want to activate vacation mode, but i have read some comments people were saying about drop in sale after deactivating vacation mode, any suggestions? what should i do?

Thanks in advance


Here are some suggestions:

  • Extend your delivery deadline to 29 days.
  • Use the “Offline” feature to make your gig’s go offline for an extended period of time.
  • Keep your gigs active and add a warning stating you’re currently on vacation and would be back at a certain date.

Best of luck!


The drop in sales is temporary. I like the suggestions made by thecreativeguys, but I would rather have my buyers click “notify me” than message me when I’m on vacation.


Although a lot of people say this i recently went to italy for a few months and at times needed to activate my vacation mode (didnt always have a decent connection in the mountains) - but literally everytime i returned and turned OFF vacation mode i received more sales than usual.


You can say goodbye to your fiverr gigs if you touch the vacation button.


but how? many people activate vacation mode


The drop in sales is temporary. I got back after a month of activated vacation mode and have got 1 sale after a gap of 2 days and some buyers are even contacting me now.


In my experience it killed my gigs for 3 weeks straight.
Good luck!

Set your gig delivery dates to the highest they can go.
Its the way to do it.
6 years of doing business here. Take it or leave it :slight_smile: