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Opinion on vacation plan

I’m going 2 weeks on vacation and I won’t be able to work on any project. But I’m also afraid of, by hiding the gig from clients, loosing the boost I have been gaining until now. So I’ve been thinking a solution would be to limit the queue to 1 project, pray for nobody to start an order without contacting me first, and explaining gently to all those who mail me that I’ll be back in 2 weeks.
At the same time sounds crazy to me to be that conservative, so what I trully want to do is to hide the gig and disconnect from fiverr for 2 weeks. But, could please anybody explain me if my gig will be very affected negatively if I hide it for that time? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, no one here can tell you with certainty how going out of office for two weeks will affect your gigs. I’ve gone away for four days at the most. I stayed in touch with previous clients on the app.

Maybe someone here has done that and will tell you what happened.