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Opinion: Policy not optimized for sellers

Hi everyone,

Disclaimer: I’m not harassing or challenging anyone but I’m here to tell my opinion based on what I experienced in the past 5 months as an eCommerce business owner. I only tell the facts, that I discovered and I can assure that such scenarios that I have encountered are not fabricated!

First of allbuy a lot of gigs for my eCommerce business and I found a few issues that I experienced.

Sometimes sellers, when they offer a gig, they want an upfront payment before they get to work now I’m not going to mention any name here but that’s a general fact that I have seen and can’t be neglected in my opinion. I’m socialized person and I believe the seller should also have basic rights that work also in the traditional workplace. So let’s get back to the scenario:

A seller who offered me a customized gig for 30 days of work wants an upfront payment because he is going to make hard work, struggling work process which he hopes that he can deliver the result. He could choose 30 delivery after all! Now here’s the gap I believe, is he going to deliver the right result or not, regardless of the revisions? Is he going to fail or make his 30 days a wastage of time in case the project gets canceled because he let him work and didn’t satisfy? In my opinion, not every gig is optimized for such scenarios especially for a work of 30 days. In my opinion, a new policy for a long duration project should be drafted, reviewed and launched, because anyone who does the work of 30 days may reject and the seller would be disappointed and left time wasted. It’s a big loss for the seller and empty-handed. In a traditional way, which the seller told me, let’s say in digital marketing, there’s always an upfront payment of 25% to 50%. After completion of work, the other half would be released and we all know why because of their security!

Another scenario that I have discovered from my friend (seller): He’s been blackmailed to deliver more what the gig originally offered otherwise the buyer will leave a bad review but here’s the thing, if the sellers says: “Now I delivered more what I offered on my gig, so therefore give me a good review” ultimately Fiverr would not give the seller the support even when the buyer blackmailed him by giving a 1 star review in the first place and even when the seller reported in the first place! In my opinion, that’s very tragic for the seller, condemning and bullying scenario for the seller. In my opinion, Fiverr should refine its policy regarding such scenarios because that’s a fact that I (as a Gig Buyer, not seller, think is unjustified.

Remember I’m telling only my opinion based on my experience with Fiverr. I believe Fiverr is a great place to get jobs done but I wish the sellers who offer a long-term gig of 7 or more days should be covered safely so they can work without having the fear of losing time or money.

We know that not every seller is providing a quality offer which is it’s okay to cancel but I think some branches need better policy. Let’s say: You can’t cancel a project of Full-Stack Engineer to make an application that takes 20-30 days amid work or telling that I’m not satisfied and do more and do more and then I can give you a 5 star and complete the order(release funds), regardless of the revisions. Right in this moment, we all know for a fact that the buyer could cancel and get the funds back and the seller worked hard 20 - 30 days. Remember, I was telling about Full-Stack Engineer who was supposed to deliver a cutting-edge application facing the risk of losing another time or money and that’s huge!

I hope I could make you understand and realize these scenarios and I hope Fiverr is taking over this issue. Leave a post of what you actually think of this. Do you think this policy is great or do you have other experiences? Let us all know.

If my topic is placed in the wrong place, please change it.


Whenever you encounter this situation, please report the seller(s) to CS. This is a huge violation of Fiverr’s TOS.

This is also an infringement of Fiverr’s TOS. Sellers are not allowed to ask for reviews in any way.

Scammers can be found on either side. Whether a seller or a buyer, scammers should and must be reported to CS attaching proof.


I know that they are all against the Fiverr TOS but what I’m trying to tell is that a Seller, when he/she offers a service which will take 30 days has no time security at all! The buyer HAS the ABILITY to scam at the end of the work and thus it leads to a huge amount of time loss without any coverage for the seller. Who can replace that 30 days? The buyer or the Fiverr itself? In other words someone has to be responsible for the time the seller has worked on an order (let’s assume he/she has crystal clear gig with comprehensive paragraphs and FAQs laid out on his/her gig).

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The milestones feature is one thing that’s supposed to minimise the risk for big projects eg. those that could be for 30 days. Though the milestones feature only works for orders >=$100 and some sellers have said there are issues with using the feature. I’m not sure whether it’s available in all categories either.

Another option is to try to break a project down into smaller orders (as long as it’s okay with Fiverr’s rules and isn’t done to increase reviews or something. It might be worth checking with Fiverr).

I agree there could be more done for this so the seller still gets something if it’s all cancelled. Maybe they should enhance the milestones feature, including allowing it to be used for maybe <$100 orders (so people wouldn’t lose $70-$99 worth if cancelled).