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Opinions of online healing practices

How do you all feel about receiving spiritual guidance on online platforms? Is it too impersonal or convenient?


Personally, advice is advice, you can share that anywhere. But spiritual one-on-one counseling NEEDS to be personal and person-to-person to achieve the best possible results.

If I had mental or spiritual concerns, I would not hire someone random on Fiverr, I would go to my local professional, my pastor, or my best friend, sit with him/her, and talk personally, one-on-one. People are social creatures. We need personal interaction, especially when we are at our most challenged or vulnerable.

If you are sad, would you rather find a random person online somewhere who doesn’t know you, and just wants to get paid to say “helpful” things, or would you go to your best friend’s house, or your pastor/priest at local church and ask for a hug and/or a heart-to-heart chat?

Digital platitudes and advice are not the same thing as a good hug, and a listening ear from someone you can interact with in person.


Well, I think it depends on how you actually “feel” someone. There are lots of great friendship and love histories of people that met and developed their relationship just chatting or playing videogames. Then, when they met in real life, they had so tight bonds… I think you can develop some kind of bond with a spiritual guru if you feel him or her deeply. For me, I find it rather difficult, as I need something more than a computer for that, and a lot of hours, as @jonbaas said, personal real life interaction is very important.


This is a good point, I think the advantage that I’m hoping to bring to the table is one in which I can offer an unbiased perspective and share in forum with those wanting to gain insight from healing modalities people haven’t gotten a chance to explore before, so they can see what works best for them and develop their own. Even if it takes time, I’m willing to put forth that effort because I love helping. I also already have a digital practice so this is a way to challenge just how efficient technology is at connecting us. Starting with things such as this forum!

I agree! Do you have any personal experiences where you felt close with people online?

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It depends on who you are talking to. You can’t generalize. People find help online quite a bit. The internet does not just bring you into contact with bad or unhelpful people. There are legitimate professionals online.

When you say healing practices I’m not sure what kind you mean. There is a wealth of information to sort through. Spiritual healing is definitely possible with the right person.

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Personally, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. In my case, I can deliver video and article work to buyers, who if they don’t like it, simply get a refund from CS.

When hiring a healer, just be sure to contact Fiverr CS and complain that your service wasn’t delivered or delivered as advertised (or simply isn’t what you were expecting), should you not benefit from some kind of miraculous healing. - It’s what they’re there for.

Yes, I have some friends I have not met yet in real life. But none is a spiritual guide.