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Opinions on my erotica gig?

On Fiverr my main gig seems to have become writing erotica. I don’t mind because I love writing and it’s generally easy and even fun to write. However, I’m also looking for ways to improve my gig to get more orders. I admit that I don’t really know what people look for in erotica (I’m new to this.)

I have one example and two portfolio examples underneath the gig as well.

Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

Thank you very much!!!


I have so many questions regarding erotica gigs in general.

Offering adult-oriented services is a breach of fiverr’s ToS. Writing erotica is clearly an adult-oriented service.

Yet, there is a certain amount of gigs for it that exists for years so I’m assuming, it’s okay when it’s written, not explicitly depicted in any visual way? Can someone who provides writing services enlighten me on the rules and exceptions when it comes to writing adult content?

What I can say almost for certain, though, is that Laura H. Rubin didn’t give you her permission to use her work to advertise your gigs. I’m a fan on hers (rather, I’m a fan of Ruben Ireland she herself seems to be heavily influenced by) but I enjoy her work as well. I’ve spent hefty amounts of money to decorate my house with some of her prints. And that’s not me even trying to profit from it commercially.


I’m sorry, are you referring to the image on the gig itself? I found it through a google search and didn’t realize I couldn’t use it. I can find a different image, though. Thank you for telling me.

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Things you find on Google images belong to the artist or copyright holder. As a writer, you should definitely understand copyright.

You need to make your own images, get an artist or designer to make some for you, or purchase the rights to use stock photos or graphics.


It looks like I’m going to have to purchase the rights to use stock photos. Thank you for letting me know.

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True love is behaviour not imagination or fellings.

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to each their own

@amainiriss this is a very minor niggle, but the lines you won’t cross, are those things that would get you arrested if one was to act them out today and where you live? so sex trafficking erotica for instance would be well into the red, but what about exhibitionism or sex in public? what’s your stance on vor or my little pony fan erotica?. here’s one; what if a buyer asked for a story about them and you?

it might be useful for potential buyers, and yourself, to have a comprehensive list of nope in an FAQ? it could save unnecessary drama, and also give you more leverage should you be in a position where you need to open a dispute

i think TOS is a little grey in this area, pun unintended, but i interpret it to mean no escorts and no pornography related services. erotica == porn. i’m just a humble lemur