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Opinions on the new built-in Google Translate in messages?

I just noticed that Google translate has been integrated with the inbox and messaging system. Any one have opinions?

Personally, I think while it may appear to help widen the audience and reach of both sellers and buyers, I think it may just make the communication problem worse.

Guess we will wait and see! Hopefully this brings new clients to all the sellers and lets buyers work with more sellers!

Google translate has been integrated with the inbox?
I don’t see it… Any way you can share a screenshot?

Attached! It might only trigger for certain languages

Yes…i can see that but i don’t know why it is meant to be there…as i already communicate with the buyer in English and the button says “Translate your conversation to English”…??

Unfortunately, it was not I who created the feature, I only noticed it. This thread was mostly asking your opinion about what thew feature could mean for sellers, not why/when it appears. My best guess though is that one of you has UK English selected and the other has US or AU selected.

ohh…i thought you may know the purpose of this…but yes you may be right…anyways it will not be so useful for me as far as i am not having any trouble in communicating with my buyers…:slight_smile: