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Hey Wassup??


Reply to @madmoo: nothing much its 2:31 AM here its dark in room raining outside waiting for order also waiting for customer support to reply. Actually this topic from Start was different but Forum’s Sherrif appears and asked me to either change it or delete it. :frowning:


That’s dedication… or madness :wink:


@jeffmoses more like madness :stuck_out_tongue:


@madmoo Soon there will be a tax charge on every penny you earn after midnight :stuck_out_tongue: Actually UK is famous to find an excuse to charge TAX :smiley:


M sorry what? :slight_smile: actually i was studying UK Tax and my teacher was use to tell me such stories :slight_smile:


Tax man is up… boo!


UK TAX like this wouldn’t be something strange :smiley: