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Optimal Buyers' Request Responses

So I’ve been responding to buyers’ requests, but I haven’t gotten any response back. I usually adjust my pricing to the amount of work they are asking for, and type something along the lines of, “Hi! I am ____(description of me relevant to the project). I would love to take on your project!”

I was wondering if there is something I am doing wrong or if I have just been unlucky. Thank you :smiley:


I’ve also tried the buyer request a couple of time. The buyer’s responded but I didn’t get my first order from a Buyer Request. I just got it from my gig appearing on the search engine. I’ve been in Fiverr for 34 days.

Have you ever tried visiting other seller’s profile who offer similar services as you? It’s a great way to grab some ideas of what tags they use, how they write their gig description. It can help you a lot.

My first three week on Fiverr I spent on the forum and doing research from other sellers profile. From the Forum I got useful advices and from other sellers profile I got some tips on how to structure my gigs. I don’t mean copying others, but stealing some ideas that can be useful for you success on Fiverr.

As a new seller I was so confused and still I am. But that’s why we have the forum and the advantage of visiting other seller’s profile and see how things get done here. Just make sure to not copy another gig, since it will not be accept by Fiverr. Grasp what you find useful, maybe other sellers are using some tricks that make their gigs stand out.


Thank you so much! This is all super helpful.

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