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Optimal Dimensions for Video/Pictures

Hi there, I am a new seller on Fiverr and I would like to know the optimal dimensions/ratio for videos and photos so they won’t be cropped by the platform.

I couldn’t find anything about the exact dimensions or any information.
How is this possible? All my videos and pictures are in 1920 1080 but I believe from what I’ve seen that will be cropped. Any help?

Thank you

Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I always do my videos at 1280 x 720 and they seem fine.

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
Do you think I 'd better upload videos and photos at 1280 x 720 and not 1920 x 1080?
Have you tried to upload at 1920 x 1080?

Videos - yes - no problem at all. :sunny:

I thought the video would be cropped at this dimension.
I guess I am wrong!

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How is this possible? All my videos and pictures are in 1920 1080 but I believe from what I’ve seen that will be cropped. Any help?

For deliveries to buyers videos they don’t get cropped. For gig info videos the videos get scaled down if they are higher than about 848x478 (for 16:9) videos (though you can still upload them at 1280x720 or 1920x1080, even though they will be scaled down). The preview frame of the video can also be cropped a bit and scaled up, so it might be best to make sure any text in the preview frame of the video doesn’t take up the whole frame (make the text within a safe area of the frame so it doesn’t get cropped in the preview frame).

Gig info images seem to get cropped a bit when displayed in the profile page (based on one gig I looked at that cropped half of the last line of text from the gig image when viewed on the Fiverr user’s profile page, but not when on the actual gig page).


Good information, thank you!

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So I guess I have to upload the gig video at about 848x478 now…

No, you can upload at 1280x720 or 1920x1080 etc. It’s just that it will get scaled down to 848x478. Some software doesn’t let you specify a frame size of 848x478 anyway.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about your gig video dimensions - mine are 1280 x 720 and they’re fine.

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I agree. Uploading at 1280x720 or 1920x1080 should be fine (unless you wanted to experiment to see if uploading a video actually rendered at 848x478 gave a slightly better quality image once on Fiverr. You could also see if rendering to a particular higher res format gets scaled down better by Fiverr).

Fiverr also limits the bitrate to uploaded gig info videos, so hypothetically if a bigger image (like maybe 1080p) might scale down slightly better than a smaller image (like 720p), the 1080p video may need more bitrate than the 720p one of the same content. If both are limited to the same bitrate for uploading by Fiverr, which is best (720p vs 1080p) may not be as simple as which one scales down better (in theory, 1080p might) ie. it might be affected by bitrate too.

One user had compression artefacts with a video with fire effects I think. If noticeable compression artefacts were visible in a gig info video, I’d at least try rendering it at 848x478 and uploading it to see if that helped (or if that can’t be rendered to, 720p instead of 1080p), while using about the max target bitrate that Fiverr will allow for the video (based on their max video file size)…

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Oh ok…
I’ll leave it at 1920 x 1080 then.
Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it!


For pictures: 2300x1420 seems to be the ideal resolution. It gets downsized by Fiverr with no cropping.

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Except maybe a little bit of cropping on the Fiverr profile page (assuming that’s what you use).

eg. on one of your gigs there’s a green border all around one of your gig images. On your profile page, the green border doesn’t show at the bottom of the gig image (unless you right-click and say “view image”).

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Ah yes! You are right. Also seems to happen on the search page also. What’s weird is that the original downsized image is 230x142. No matter what you upload, Fiverr scales it to that resolution and there is always a sliver cutoff on the bottom.

Even then, I have found this to be the ideal resolution for the images… The images are scaled correctly on the gig page without any distortion or cropping.

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