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Optimise Your WordPress Website SPEED to Improve User Experience

Every second your website takes to load, you lose 1% of your revenue.
Site speed is much more important than you can imagine. A random buyer who is in a surfing mode will open 10 different site on separate tabs. He will quickly close the ones that take too long to load.
If your website takes 10 seconds to load and you can reduce your loading time to less than 1 second then you can increase your revenue by 10%. It’s a simple math.

I will increasing your WordPress website speed step-by-step process:
:heavy_check_mark: Optimize your website for speed
:heavy_check_mark: Install necessary plugins
:heavy_check_mark: Optimize your images for the web
:heavy_check_mark: Set up a cloud delivery network
:heavy_check_mark: Proven techniques and results