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Optimization of automated flagging system message on the forum

System message for a flagged post is “one of the fastest things” I’ve experienced and probably that exists on this planet, maybe after cheetah or a missile launch.

Here’s a suggestion to improve it’s speed, if I may, since I retired and I have plenty of free time during covid.

I suggest you keep track of the people pairing them according to their flagging preferences. That way you can forecast a flagging post and you need less different users to actually spend time to read and flag a post. For example if 5 flags are needed, your system only needs 4 flags from the people who have matching preferences regarding flagging.

We all know how forums work, but I happen to be in forum business over 16 years now professionally.

This is interesting and since it has a historical background it’s interesting to try the eggplant emoji to see how this community responds. If people “can’t tell” and “I do not know” “maybe it’s disrespectful” that means you are getting a flag.

Well the problem comes when people abuse it as a team. So, make it faster is the way to go and this optimization is based on this philosophy.