Optimize your gigs and find mistakes from it


Hi Folks,

I am working on fiverr from past 2-3 years and wanted to share my experience about how to check mistakes in your gigs and what are the ways to optimize them.

  1. Always create your gig by first reviewing the gigs of your competitors and adding relevant tags and create a unique SEO friendly description.
  2. After publishing your gig. Daily visit the “My Gigs” Page and check your impressions, Clicks and Views

How to Improve your Impressions:

  1. If you are not getting good impressions. It’s time to change your gig title or tags or may be the keyword you selected for your gig is not working. So it’s a better idea to change your keyword but again watch out what you competitors are using.

How to Improve your Views:

  1. To improve your views you have to make an engaging and eye catching thumbnail of your gig. It will help you to get more views on your gig. The more views you get the more clicks you’ll get.

Still not getting orders:

  1. Its time to have a look at your price may be you are offering it wrong. Create good packages so that buyer have the option to select from.

If you feel the information is good give a thumbs up and you can also get inspiration from my gig. Here is link to my Gig

No order get...but why?

hi and thanks for your precious info… i have checked your gigs and a question poped up into my mind… considering i am new to fiverr trying to make my first sell i created 2 gigs offering same service… i just saw you have done the same… i was doubtful at first but it seems to be the right act but i could really appreciate it if someone with experience could elaborate me about this… how did it work for you? and why even now that you have a well established and well reviewed gig you are still keeping the other same gigs?


You can create same gig but you are not allowed to use same tags, description or title


If he place the order and you delivered that order using “Deliver Now” option i.e on order page. then its not a big issue the order will be marked automatically as complete if the buyer is not responsive and you’ll get your money.


How long with i wait ? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing this information


The order will be marked as completed after 3 days


Thank’s Every One…:slight_smile:


Thank you for maintaining my hope :relieved:


thanks for your awesome tips :slight_smile: