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Optimized new seller gig, not getting impressions. Help me Improve!

Hi everyone,
I’ve recently opened my account in the WordPress section, 10 days ago. I’ve tried to optimize my gig. But my impressions are degrading daily. Also, I’m sending buyer requests daily, but there is too much competition. Each refresh adds 20+ competitors. So, I need help with these 2 questions-

(1) What can I do to increase my gig clicks/ Impressions? Should I just wait or tweak my gig a little when there’s time?

(2) Should I change the subcategory for my new 3-day old gig from “WordPress” to “Website buider and CMS” so I can see more Buyer Request?

I know it’s early, but I’m feeling it’s the right time if I have to tweak my gigs or do any improvements. Thanks.

“Install Wordpress, setup theme & upload content” gig in 3 days

“create or redesign a modern responsive wordpress website” gig in 10 days