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Option for Accept or Decline Order

Hi, I’m working with Fiverr from last 9 months. It’s just a awesome marketplace! Everything is fine here but I’m having a problem from some days. Its about order or selling a gig. At Fiverr the buyers can place their order without any consultation but sometimes it makes a big problem for the sellers.

  1. Suppose a seller have in so much workload and he might not be able to accept any new order.
  2. Sometimes the buyer does not understand the services and they place the order which might be unable to accept for the seller.

    In that case if the seller want to cancel the job does it makes any bad impression for the seller profile? If it makes any bad impression for the seller profile then it will be very helpful for the seller and the buyers too if there any option for agreement. So the seller can Accept or Decline the order easily and It will not make any bad impression for the profile.



I agree! This week I had someone place an order twice by accident so I had to cancel, the other time someone thought I could do a $50 job for just $5. When I told them they did not purchase enough they cancelled. Sometimes I get an order for things I don’t even offer. Not my fault but analytics are going down the drain because of incidents like these.

Yes in total agreement with you on this one.

Yep. There are people I know right away are not a good fit.

Yes ! I would love to have this option =D>

Yes, please! Allow us to choose which jobs we accept, as there are plenty of spam buyers out there who want something for nothing!

I am dormant until I can reject gigs or at least better manage my workflow. I used to do some Fiverr-work next to my fulltime job, which can be very hectic at times, but where I have often not so much to do.

After having worked a couple of times 80+ hours a week because I couldn’t manage my workflow, I started offering my services on another site, where I can apply to posted jobs. I sometimes still work for one or two Fiverr customers from before. They can send me a message.

I also am in complete agreement. I post in bold letters, “Please do not purchase a gig until you have contacted me,” but they still do so. So here I have an order I did not have an option to which I can say no or yes. In fact, what are you supposed to do in that case if you do not want that job?

I agree with the suggestion too.

Reply to @survivor62: You have to send a cancellation request to the buyer and hopefully he/she will accept .

I strongly agree but i know fiverr won’t do this one :slight_smile:

If not then they can count me out. There’s no way I’m getting trapped into doing a job that’s beyond my skills, requires more than I offered, or goes against my beliefs.

Get a grip Fiverr. I hadn’t even started and you just lost me.

I totally agree! But you know fiverr will only get money from taxes of your gigs like 20% after completed, so it would be hard decision for fiverr team to do that. but please fiverr team, you’d know if there’s much of similar gigs out there so if we (seller) do reject or cancel the order they will definitely find other people to do it don’t worry about losing the revenue.
Or I have an idea, how about this option available when seller reach level one and so on? Because when the seller already got exposure or already proven good rating, there’s come the annoying buyer. Which is you know, wanting $5 job result like a $50, or suddenly place an order, or you know etc etc.