Option for Buyers to Add Additional Funds to an Exsisting Order!


Buyers should have an option to purchase additional gigs AFTER they have already purchased the initial gig and perhaps forgot or didn’t know they needed to purchase additional gigs to cover the cost of their request.

Right now, the only way for a buyer to purchase additional gigs once they have already placed an order, is to purchase a new gig as a separate order or purchase a gig extra. This is not convenient for the buyer or seller!

There are MANY cases where the buyer orders a gig with only a $5 purchase, and then the seller informs them they need to put in additional money for the work they are requesting. It happens a lot! There should be an option for the buyer to add additional funds to an existing order, where they do not have to open up a new order or purchase an irrelevant gig extra.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks for your support! :smiley:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: my fingers are crossed too!! :slight_smile:


This would be great! I do think if we have this, it’d also be a really good idea for us to have a “gig refund” option to offer buyers.

For example: I have a gig that says I will professionally edit up to 2000 words of text for $5. Maybe I decide to run a promotion for a week and state that bulk orders are discounted (so, someone wanting 10,000 words edited would get 2000 free, for example). Buyer decides to take advantage of the offer but accidentally orders and pays for too many gigs.

Being able to easily, quickly refund without having to cancel the gig would be great.


Reply to @vicmazonas: Yes, that would be great as well! As a seller, why are we not able to refund buyers? We shouldn’t have to cancel the entire order just to refund.