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Option for Sellers to View gig prices in US dollars

Hi. It would be very helpful if I could do a quick toggle to view my Gig prices in terms of US dollars. I am seller and currently I see all my prices in Canadian dollars. But my Buyers see the prices in terms of US dollars. I know I can open up my account and go into Edit mode to see the US dollars but that is a little clumsy when I have client on the phone. Thank you. Mary


Do you have permission from Fiverr to speak on the phone with your Fiverr clients? Because It is against TOS unless you have it written in your gig, and as far as I can see, you only have video conferencing in your gig description?


Vickie, I am referring to video conference calls with clients in order to discuss their requirements. NOT a call to their phone number. I provide them with a video conference call link and they then link to the call. I misspoke, saying “when I am on the phone” , should have said when I am on a video conference call.

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