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Option of having Canned Responses


How many times do you get similar queries from clients ? I know I get the same ones again and again. If I had a set of 5 canned responses, I could probably solve all queries in seconds. I know I can do that by saving responses in word doc as well - but opening the doc everytime itself would take time.

Wouldn’t it be rad to have an option to add 5-10 canned responses which you can use as/when you like !? Just a thought…


good suggestion :slight_smile:


That would be cool :slight_smile:


good suggestion :slight_smile:


That would be cool :slight_smile:


good suggestion :slight_smile:


That would be cool :slight_smile:


good suggestion :slight_smile:


That would be cool :slight_smile:


good suggestion :slight_smile:


That would be cool :slight_smile:


I have Hotkeyz and I save all my canned responses in a text document. I hit Ctrl-Alt-F (for Fiverr of course :wink: ) and it brings it up, then I copy and paste it in there. Might also want to try Flashpaste (although that is not free).

oldbittygrandma said:
But it's important to personalize your responses too! :)

I'm not as good about that as I could be.

I get a little... I dunno, aggressively efficient when I'm in "pure" work mode. Compared to the fun we all have out here.


I have several canned responses I use for required information but I always add something personal


Yes all responses MUST have a personal touch… thats a necessity :slight_smile:


You can use a browser extension to paste your notes in it. Whenever you want to paste canned responses just click on the extension’s drop down, copy the text of your choice and paste it.


I am using Notepad :slight_smile:


Reply to @cybercube: Yeah me too, but I also use Edit Plus :wink:

oldbittygrandma said: word document.

Nope, you're not old school. MS Word is alive and well in today's day and age.

As long as you didn't say Wordperfect or Wang, you're not old school.


I have sticky notes on my computer - like post-it notes but the virtual kind - they are full of canned responses for Fiverr, my to-do list, schedule, things to remember etc. I’ve found them super helpful to remain efficient but it does take up a lot of space, which may not suit everyone. Each to their own.