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Option of one queue for all gigs

Just that. I would like to manage all my orders in just one queue, not in a number of queues equal to gigs I have.

Thanks for reading! ^-^


We already have just one queue. Click on “orders” and you will see all your orders in one list and listed by the times they are due.

I don’t know where you are seeing more than one queue for your orders. I just see one.

Maybe he means the “limit number of orders in queue” option, which you need to do for every active gig.

That option doesn’t really help, anyway.

I just can manage orders PER gig, not for ALL gigs at the same time. I’ve confirmed there is no way to do this in another threard before making this suggestion: Queues questions

I guess you may have just one gig. That could be the reason you just see one queue (at the moment I wrote this I’ve paused one of my gigs)

Hope Fiverr team will consider this!

What do you mean? If I have more than a gig, I can’t control the exact number of orders with active deadlines. If I have, for example, 2 active gigs, I can’t have just one order maximum.

I misunderstood. I see now you meant the option to limit the number of orders.

I mean that the current option to limit the number of orders for a gig doesn’t help, because even when the number of orders is reached, it’s still possible to place new ones.

In other words, even if you had just one gig, you couldn’t control the number of orders with active deadlines.

My gigs get paused though when my limits are reached and I forgot to change the limit (in case the orders were small and I could take more), and that would not stop all orders but takes me out of search, so it does help to a certain extent.


I know, I just suggest to have even more control on the flow of orders. Without an unique queue, I have to manually pause the other gig to avoid overbookings.

I don’t know what is the media of parallel orders that sellers are ok to manage, but imagine sellers with, for example, 6 gigs or more… with the default limit (10), the seller could have to deliver 60 orders in, for example, 2 days :laughing: (6 orders minimum without an unique queue if he/she doesn’t pause the other gigs manually each time)

So, I do think an unique queue would be useful! It wouldn’t if gigs could multiply persons on each seller :joy: but at the moment it seems that it doesn’t happen!

Thanks for your answers and likes to all! ^-^

That was in reply to Cat.

I think it would be useful if the seller could choose between one single and separate queues, but if that’s not possible, I think the separate queues might be better, because sellers might have gigs they have to set the limit low, maybe even to 1, while they might be able to take 20 orders for another gig without issues.
I’m okay with separate queues myself, as I usually don’t have more than 2 or 3 gigs active at the same time, so that’s manageable but for sellers with many gigs and perhaps gigs that take roughly the same time, it could be very convenient.

My suggestion doesn’t exclude the possibility if setting a different limit of orders on each gig queue. Ok, yes: I used the word unique, my bad :sweat_smile: I wanted to mean to add the option of managing a general queue (the master queue above the individual queues). So for example, if I want max. 1 order in gig A and max. 20 in gig B, and have 1 order for A and 19 for B, the general queue will reach the limit if it’s set to 20 (in general).

But I understand that this could be not useful for some sellers! I just tell for those that would like it like me :grin: it could be set on or off anyway, like the actual queues (so there would be the option to operate as now it is). Cheers!

No, no, unique was fine, I got what you meant, a “master queue” within which we could set the limits for all gigs separately would be fine.

I’ve made an orders in queue suggestion myself back when, only that I’d like the option to set different limits for the 3 packages within 1 gig. Sellers have different needs, so any technically viable additions to customize that won’t cause additional bugs are welcome by most people I think :slight_smile:

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