Option to choose the thumbnail of our gig video


The thumbnail of our Gig’s video is very important. It’s what the buyers see when they search through the variety of gigs. As I learned today the thumbnail is set automatically and randomly by Fiverr, which may be very bad if the wrong image is chosen. This may lead to losing clients due to unattractive image.

This is why I suggest to have the option to choose the moment from our video which we want to be our thumbnail.

It is already done in a video sharing website, which I won’t mention because it may be considered as advertising. What you do there is just go to the video’s settings, then you start the video and when the moment you want to be your thumbnail comes you pause the video and press a small camera icon placed at the upper corner of the video and the frame becomes your new thumbnail. It’s that easy.



I would love to see this feature at Fiverr as well. After all the thumbnail here actually sells. Unlike the other site, where you upload videos just for fun.


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Dude, I was just thinking about this yesterday! Lol


+1 and same as above, I dont have a video yet but feel that the first impact on clients is the most important. (sometimes the very best thing in the world can be missed if its not presented as it should).


As a digital artist this is very important. My gig doesn’t involve me as a person, it involves CG creations. My gig is now a frame of my movie, an unflattering shot of the very beginnings of a 3d model as I’m modeling it. Of course I need a shot of the final product to promote the page, or else who’s gonna buy this lumpy unfinished thing they see in the video image.


A great suggestion. This is the same reason I wouldn’t like to upload a video to my gig. As a Photoshopper, the front image is everything.


Almost one year has passed and nothing has been done about this. It’s so dissapointing.

I have just uploaded my first Gig video and as I expected the thumbnail is terrible. It’s so saturated that you can’t even tell it’s a video because you can’t see the player icon.

See it here:

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.

See how terrible and unprofessional it looks compared to my other two gigs.

I can’t believe Fiverr team had spent so many effort on improving the site appearence with the new design and features such as “cover photos”, but they didn’t think of the most important thing which really sells - the thumbnails of the gigs with videos.

If not making the feature I suggested in my first post, Fiverr should at least let us upload our own thumbnails just like YouTube does!


I aggree, in the same way that Fiverr requires us to be professional, so must Fiverr.

It is also in their best interest as it will definitely lead to more sales and more satisfied customers.


Or they could simply allow a thumbnail to be uploaded along with the video. CS may not be able to do a quality job as we would with our gig video.


You can request to have the thumbnail changed by contacting customer support.

I did so many times and they were always happy to help, usually within 24h I had the thumbnail I wanted.

Make sure to be precise, send them the exact second of the video you want them to use…

I hope that will help:-)






I’m guessing that option is out of the question, since everyone would be able to post anything they want. And in the video category, you’d see a lot of hollywood level quality thumbails and when you clicked the video you’d find something that was made in Windows movie maker!

It could be used for deception, that’s all I’m, saying. But yeah, we do need to somehow pick a frame out of the actual video we uploaded.


Reply to @frank_d: fiverr can catch it during the video review.


You have +1 from me…


Exactly why I removed the few video gigs I had. No matter how nice the video I try to create it’s as if Fiverr always selects the most unflattering thumbnail ever from it!


Reply to @kjblynx: I’ve found from experience that companies are much more likely to do something if you post on their Facebook page. Otherwise it looks bad to other users. Can’t remember what company it was but the other week I got a same day response and assistance whereas had had no luck just contacting CS.


I can’t agree more on this. Count me as one plus!


I removed videos from my gig just because the thumbnail was really inappropriate and caused me lose clients. Highly recommended, please consider it Fiverr team.


It would be one of the best features of fiverr! +1


Have just this minute messaged Fiverr support on this as I have just added a video but want my still jpg image as the thumbnail. I am just about to add it to the Fiverr Facebook page on the end of the 1st post so if anyone else wants to add their opinion, feel free.