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Option to connect PAYPAL to my account?

Good day Everyone,

I do not see an option to connect my PAYPAL account to my FIVERR account. As I have already sold a GIG I was curious how I was going to collect. I am new here an may have missed an obvious setting somewhere. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Eddie Witz

I can’t remember how it works for new sellers, but try to go into PROFILE -> SETTINGS

I see a link for PayPal to change it I ASSUME that there will be an option to add it too if it’s not already

Give it a try let me know how that works out for you !

Thanks for your response ozzieuk. This option is not available at in my profile settings. However, in my “revenues” there is a link for revenue withdraw. I am currently waiting clearance on my last Gig. When this happens i will see if i am able to attach my PayPal account. I will update this thread when i get further in that process. thanks again for your help.

Great stuff!

Thanks for the update :smiley:

When i go to my account and setting i also do not have an option to connect my paypal to my account and I have completed two sales, so far i have a 100% rating which i am thankful to my buyers for.

Any ideas?


I am new here. please can any one tell me clearly how i connect my paypal account to fiverr :(?




I am new here. please can any one tell me clearly how i connect my paypal account to fiverr :(?



Hmm, so I am new as well - does it mean that you really have to make a sale BEFORE Fiverr will allow any Paypal details to be added? - If so this is unprecidented on any website accepting merchant payments that I’ve ever come across, sounds dodgy - already rethinking whether I really want to do this - guys it’s CLEARLY risky! . .can anyone give a reasonable account of how newbies can really expect to get paid?

I have the same problem here. And offtopic I also can’t find the log out button…What is going on with this new fiverr? I don’t like it at all…

I came back with a response from costumer support check it out:

Hi David,

Thank you for your message and sorry about the delay. The withdrawal button in the New Fiverr is located by going to Sales > Revenues. Once you have funds available to withdraw the PayPal button will be available. Once it is, you will click on the withdrawal button to enter your PayPal email which will link your PayPal email to your Fiverr account.



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I have completed two gigs this week and my funds have not been cleared for withdrawal. How long does this take? I know you can’t make a living off of this, but I’m in a tight situation and I need this money now. For the record I am also offering services on another website… no luck there yet.

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks so much for this useful information. This gives me more reason to not focus too much on getting gigs on fiverr and make it the LAST thing on my to-do list. I just don’t have that kind of time right now lol.

Reply to @kjblynx: really good tip… didnt know! I was waiting for clearance of my first $4 to withdraw…I guess I’ll wait as you say. Thanks for the useful tip.

I was wondering… do you have to have a credit/debit card to withdraw?


i want withdraw my fund,

but, paypal button account not active.

how to activate the button.

I was wondering about the Paypal thing myself. This forum answered my questions. I was wondering why the Paypal button on my account was not active; now I’ve learned that it’s because my payment has not cleared yet – and knowing that I will be charged a fee, I also think that it will be best if I wait for my earnings to accumulate before I make a withdraw.

Thanks to everyone who has been helpful and informative in this forum, and thanks to everyone else who asked good, relevant questions.

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Hold up…I have funds that have been cleared for months now & still unable to access the PayPal option. Only the Fiverr Card option is available which I dont want as it is too fee heavy. I already associated my PayPal with Fiverr account so why isnt the PayPal option available to me? Makes no sense.

i forgot which emai id i used in paypal and now i want to change my paypal id but i don’t know which email id i used before so ,. is there any way to know which paypal id i used before so that i can log into that email and change it

I have been reading the answers to the question above and thank you to all those who have given the answer on how to withdraw money from PayPal account. I am new here on as well and it is useful to know how funds are withdrawn.

Reply to @ainsworth876: Hi there ,
Did you fix your problem ?
How did support help you I have same problem now . kindly share your experience :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: