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Option to NOT review

FIvver should have an option for a buyer to NOT review a service. Right now it seems, if you don’t do a review, the “action” stays flagged forever. I know that you can HIDE review requests in your REQUEST list, but the “action” stays in your SHOPPING list forever.

No way. Reviews are a baisc thing which buyers must do. If you purchased a product you should write a review of why or why not to use this service.

Not writing a review will effect the sellers reputation.

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The Creative Guys

You don’t need to leave a written review for a seller. It’s a simple click of the thumbs up/thumbs down button.

Reviews are super important for sellers, and they rely on them for future orders. Abstaining from writing a review shouldn’t be considered. If you have a ‘neutral’ experience, that wasn’t worthy of a positive/negative review, message the seller and explain the situation. Those that value their service will help to fix the problem. :slight_smile:

No, I agree with the OP. There needs to be a Neutral option. Ebay and Listia both have it. Sometimes a “neutral” review really is necessary.

As a buyer, I don’t want to leave a “public” review because I don’t want to be associated with some of my gigs…soooo…how can I complete my gig “immediately” for the seller without having my name attached to anything?

In my case, the work was excellent…but I need to maintain privacy and fiverr reviews don’t allow privacy. Which means I can’t leave a review at all…unfortunately.

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People could interpret a box checked to opt out of a review as a negative remark about your service.