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Option to Offer Promotional / Sale Price on Gigs (Similar to Online Stores)

Hi Fiverr Team,

Can’t you provide sellers to offer a promotional price just like the online stores offer. I have attached the image for clarity. Sellers should have in-built option like this to offer specific promotional / sale prices to attract buyers.



You aren’t selling static products. You’re selling custom services that require your labor and time. Sales are not appropriate and would not boost your performance.


I disagree with @humanissocial on this one. Even with services your can have sales to improve conversions. I sometimes do a sale on my services outside of Fiverr, by simply adding a 20% discount on for example audiobook recordings in the summer, when there’s usually not so many bookrecordings coming my way. That has improved my audiobook recording sales in the summer by about 30%.

You can absolutely offer discounted prices to boost your performance, even when offering services and not static products.

But, as of yet, there’s no such function here on Fiverr. What you could do is include in your product description that you offer discounts for certain services (I offer discounts on orders of 2000+ words), but I don’t market that as a “sale”, and I’m unsure if that would be ok for Fiverr, since it could give the impression that Fiverr is offering discounts and not the seller.

So I wouldn’t do that without first asking the support team if it’s ok to actually market a sale in your gig description and/or gig image.


I value your viewpoint however I tend to disagree as we all look for sales and they would absolutely improve the performance. e.g. If I am offering a CV writing service for 50 dollars as standard and on New Year I offer, say 10% discount, I would have more buyers

If there wouldn’t be any boost then why would have been portals like Godaddy and even Fiverr would be offering the discounts on courses etc.

You can change prices yourself and offer a sale. There’s nothing stopping a seller to do that.

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It doesn’t serve the purpose as having a dedicated option would do. That’s the whole point of post. Obviously there is nothing stopping a seller but that’s a static post or in content

Well, this is not an e-commerce store where you sell clothes. Clothes go out of fashion and you have to sell them at a lower price. With services… they don’t go out of fashion. You can always adjust the price, provide discounts for large packages and so on. I don’t see this as something we need here, nor is it something I would use personally. I guess it makes sense for those that have high prices. At the $5 price point, there’s no real discount to offer :slight_smile:

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May I know why GoDaddy and other Services offer promotions :slight_smile:

And not everyone is offering 5 Dollars, It’s obviously for high-end sellers. Anyways, I see utility, you don’t. You have your point of view and I have mine. Thank you for the input

It would be redundant to have that on Fiverr. Everybody would just put 100$ now 20$ only!!! And basically, what would happen is all sellers would put their main images with some random number crossed and a new discounted price above. It will not make any changes to your gain. If you could make your gig stand out from the rest, like you are offering sales to nobody else, but that will not happen.

What I would like to have implemented is that Fiverr sends auto messages to everyone after three months of inactivity on site and if they do not reply, remove their gig from search results.

Cleaning site would help.

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It would be just a tool to mislead customers. I am not saying you would do that, but most sellers would say their gig was $100 and now it’s $30 or whatever lower number. Even if the number was always $30. After seeing on this forum how many people break the TOS, I would expect a ton of people to manipulate this system just to mislead people. Plus, you can easily change the price to a lower one and say in the gig package it’s 30% off or whatever. I saw a lot of people doing it. This would be pretty much the same. There are more pressing issues that Fiverr needs to implement, such as the ability to lock gig packages and not having people order package multiples. That’s a huge problem for many people.

Because those are stock products sold without labour involved, not custom services that you can’t fulfill through automation.

And automated products don’t require labor nd are scalable, which means you sell more products for the same amount of labor and cost.

None of these things apply to freelancing.

It’s really not helpful to compare freelancing to automated product sales. They aren’t comparable at all.

I completely agree! Fiverr wasn’t made for people to sell their products (that’s what Ebay and Amazon are for). Fiverr is for freelancers who want to provide their services to buyers. Thus, offering discount for this kind of work doesn’t really make sense.

However, you can always just send buyers a custom offer with a lowered price!

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I totally agree.

That’s like a carpenter offering a deal if you hire him to build your house in the next 30 days.

Yes, I will provide volume discounts.

But NOT to everyone.

I pick and choose who gets the discounts and it is NEVER a new customer.

It is usually someone I’ve worked with for a period of time and know I’ll be getting long-term business from.

Fiverr is a platform that gives you access to potential freelance business.

It’s not a retail marketplace beyond that.

I have mixed feelings about this one. Even if it’s a custom services that require labor time to borrow humanissocial’s words. I would really like to be able to offer discounts to customers like 20% off for Christmas time or something like that. BUT it also mean that lot of sellers would abuse it and probably offer crazy discount on 5$ gigs in the hope of getting more buyers. We already struggle in competitive areas because of sellers underselling their services, I feel like such a feature would be hell. I also fear that Fiverr would become like Wish…If you know Wish, you know what I’m talking about.

In short, we could have nice things, but we can’t because like always…people would abuse it.

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Thank you for putting it nicely. There are plus and minus of everything and restrictions can be put or this could be offered to certain seller level up to certain % and on certain occasions etc. I just shared my idea which I think would be good.

I’m sure there would be some restrictions, but some would be hard to monitor. Like for example:

  • I could upgrade me price by 25% then put a 25% sales on it, just to bait buyers. They would think they get a deal, when in fact the would pay full prices. That exactly what is happening on Wish. They make you believe the boots you are purchasing are worth 250$ but that you can get them for 15$ for a limited time. This is just a gimmick, the boots are not worth 250$ and the limited time is always there.

That’s a scammy practice that would be really hard to monitor. You could put a time limit to the sales and limit the amount of sales per year that a seller can offer. But I don’t see how Fiverr could make sure the buyers are actually getting an honest discount and not being played. There is already a lot of seller getting away with breaking the TOS, I feel like this would just add more work for Fiverr’s staff and more unethical things would end up slipping thru.

Thank you for the input :slight_smile:

Exactly what I said above. This feature would be a scammer’s paradise, and it would just mislead people.

Plus, as I said already, you can say in your gig package’s information that it’s a Sale for 30% off and also say when the sale ends. You can easily do this yourself. There’s no need for a new feature that would bring abuse. But to each his own.