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Option to Report Buyer Requests

I’m seeing a lot of sellers posting their services in the Buyers Requests. I’ve recently read that this is against Fiverr terms and it’s quite annoying to have to sift through all this rubbish when you are looking for genuine work. May I suggest that Fiverr adds a report option to Buyer Requests, and then does a review of the reported request. They can even include a few pre-selected reasons for why someone is reporting a Buyer Request (Something like this is a seller advert). What are the thoughts of other sellers?

EDIT: I’ve suggested a user-policing feature in one of the comments below: I’m thinking that if 5 or more users report an advert, then the system can be made to automatically delete the request and send a warning message to the person who posted it. After 3 warnings your account gets suspended - then you can contact customer support to appeal and get it re-instated. This will require no customer support, and will probably be more effective than having someone sit there and review the reported posts anyway. Once there is a very real consequence of having your account blocked - people will desist.

Edit AGAIN: The website can even be programmed so that only Top Rated sellers can submit reports. The possibilities are endless if we call take a few moments to brain storm and come up with a working, fool proof idea.

It’s not so much the posts that annoy me, as the fact that it’s a breech of terms - If I can’t do it, why should anyone else be allowed to?


I am agree with your thought. Fiverr is also working on such kind of annoying seller who advertise their gig on buyer request. You have shared a great idea about report such kind of request.:heart_eyes:


What will stop people from reporting every single request just because they feel like it? If every single reported request was to be reviewed could you imagine how much work that would add to fiverr support?

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Hello William, the thing is that if you use the forum search function with ‘report button buyer request’ or something such, you’ll find lots of threads like yours, a lot of them right here in Suggestions, so apparently either nobody in charge reads it or they don’t agree that it should be implied.
Some people suggest that if you have a suggestion or find a bug it’s fine to post it in the relevant category but to better also write it to Customer Support, if you want to heighten chances of anybody listening.
Some people suggest that Customer Support only ever send canned responses and or are robots though, so YMMV.
Rest assured that many many sellers feel with you about Buyer Requests and report function either way. :wink:


I will send a mail to Customer Support. I really think it’s a good idea to have the users on Fiverr police the site. Technically nothing is stopping people from reporting every Buyer Request, but I find that people are generally not likely to report genuine requests. Even just having a link that says, “This is a seller advert”. Click it and it will go for review. It will take someone 1 minute or less to determine that it is indeed a seller request and take action. They can even pre-program their website so that if 5 or more users report the same advert, the system automatically removes it and sends the seller a warning. Once you put a system in place, the website and users can self police the site - no customer support needed.

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Agree with @miiila. This case is happening since a long time and there are a lot of people requested about it (report button or something like that). No respond at all until now. So, just be patient and enjoy your order :smiley: #oops haha

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I was told at one point the current system has humans reviewing the BRs anyway, but that they (obviously) don’t get through that many.

A system could assign a priority value based on automatic evaluation. The highest priority ones would be reviewed first. And the reporter would need to fill out a form too, not just click report.

The system could also monitor the reporting, and temporarily remove the ability to report if someone turns in excessive unwarranted reports as determined by the human reviewers. Repeat offenders could be banned from reporting.

Also, it should have a component so that the human reviewers can flag errors and omissions in the automatic evaluation. The automatic evaluation should provide basic info about what triggered the priority to the human reviewers. It should not use so-called machine learning.

As a side note, I just saw a BR that appears to be from someone who wants someone to alter a smartphone receipt (model and serial number). And I’ve seen worse than that. Fiverr needs to get a handle on the BRs.


@artlifeoriginal I have seen the same smart phone BR. I actually wondered about what the Buyer was trying to do (ie, involved in some illegal actions?) Which actually raises another interesting topic for moral discussion: How many sellers take on possibly “illegal” work.

Nevertheless, I agree with a feature that monitors reporting also - banning users who constantly submit false reports.
I have edited my post to include a more solid idea - one where no customer support is needed at all. A computer can be programmed to do most of the work - and there are a large number of honest sellers on here who can think for themselves and make informed decisions to help police the Buyer Requests. You could even reach the stage where only Top Rated Sellers are allowed to submit reports. The possibilities are endless if people just take the time to sit down and brainstorm.

I do not think it’s a good idea to have members of Fiverr able to directly control warnings. That could have unintended side effects.

Maybe the triggering of a human review could be based on BRs with the most number of flags?

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Right you are, I have created a post relating to it Here Nice suggestion

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I didn’t want to revive your post, but the problems are really annoying, found your topic while creating a new one.

that’s just awesome and its a good point. But yet I m facing a problem. I have created account two months earlier but there shows no buyer request. I followed all the terms and condition but yet not getting. So, What is needed to get buyer request and start earning.Please, don’t avoid if you know help me.


I agree. I think it could have something like that.

Except for this line:

I think using machine learning could help, and could mean less programming work/simpler in some ways and could be less work for staff checking the requests or less manual creation of rules. That wouldn’t mean it would automatically remove certain requests but it could improve the reliability of the what the system thought was a request that shouldn’t be there/improve the ordering of the list that the human operators could check (eg. so that ones that were more likely to need removing were closer to the top of the list they see).

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Did you create gigs? No buyer request for two months is a major issue

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I’ve created four gigs already