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Options to reply to Buyer Requests absolute rubbish

When sellers reply to a buyers request, plz offer a.s.a.p. the option to choose of ALL of the products he offers, because the automated system is too dumb to pick the right one and thus lower the chances to sell drastically.

This system simply does’nt work properly. If a buyer requests a ‘facebook header’ it makes no sense at all to offer him ‘translation service’ just because the system is always picking the wrong products. Also the system message ‘click to see examples’ makes no sense at all.

Fiverr is a great concept, but for $30mil investment you should have build it by UX designers. I can easy name 10 functions that are inconvenient and unlogical.


I deliver all kinds of banners, headers, advertisements and whatsoever. Just a ‘facebook header’ (like headers for 1000’s of other brands) I did not mention, but my banners do not show up as an option. This is a clearly a big flaw in the system and it happens 1 in every 5 times to be exactly.

The second thing you write is pretty strange for a 30mil website, I even tried to find a phone number but no way. :’) If I want to call Google, I simply call Google, if I want to talk with a PayPal guy, I call a PayPal guy in my own country. I talked with someone who got her well-selling account blocked because she used a shared computer with her roommates, Fiverr security is not able to deal with that. It’s a pity they are missing some points because it is actually a great website. The service level seems to be very ‘2005’.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

It’s bad enough as it is but imagine the chaos that would happen if every seller could choose ANY of their Gigs to offer to EVERY potential buyer. There are more than 100,000 requests open at the moment. How do you propose to limit the number of requests that arrive at your domain?

And so the buyer has to choose a specific category and then a specific sub category. So who’s to blame? The buyer for choosing the wrong category or the seller for not categorizing their Gig correctly?

@alw1nl I see that each of your Gigs is in a different category/subcategory. That means that you will never see more than 1 Gig to offer in response to a buyer request.