Orange "Notification" icon never disappears?


Hi all, long time first time.

I searched for an answer to this and didn’t find one, so I apologize if it’s already covered. The orange notification icon at the top of each page used to come on only when I’d have new activity with my account, but in the past month or so I notice that it stays on permanently now. Is this a glitch or did Fiverr change this feature?

Just curious… it’s not a big deal but I found it easier to discover my new orders, messages etc. when the icon worked as one would expect.


Did u clicked LOAD MORE button… or contact CS they will help u


Hi there,

Click on “Load More” option as many times as you can.


@mjgenius Is there an issue with you replies, I’ve noticed the pink colour on your replies?

Let me know so I can fix the issue.




Reply to @ozzieuk: Hi Oz… No i just used html tags. is that illegal ? i can’t see profile pictures can you fix it?


Brilliant, thanks guys! I guess I thought I had read all the notices - apparently not. Feeling a bit dumb. :-??