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Oranje Tips on Fiverr - Welcome [ARCHIVED]

Hello everyone,

I’m Mr. Oranje, one part of the Oranje Team on Fiverr. Oranjegirl has just groaned that there is another form of social media to post on :slight_smile:

I, on the other hand love forums and anyone who knows me will probably know that I am going to give Old Bitty Grandma a challenge to top poster :slight_smile:

Any questions for a Top Rated Seller just ask!

fiverr customer service is rude, they ignore valid requests for information on payment, there are better services to buy and sell the same services.

Hey John,

I am sorry that it sounds like you have a bad experience with the support team. How many people do you have to deal with on a daily basis?? Have a think about how many people are on Fiverr and how many people complain about the smallest thing. Fiverr Support do very well for their size.

Odesk has advantages but then that is a different market now isn’t it.


Fiverr support is the fastest and best service ever you will find on such freelancing sites. So for me My querries are answered immediately even less than 2 minutes. So you need to put valid queries and you will get immediate and accurate response from Fiverr Support Team. Hats Off to Fiverr Suport Team, you are superb

Well Put :slight_smile:

Well said. Thanks for your informations.

Is Fiverr your only source of income?

@oranjewebdesign & @fastcopywriter: Today only I got promoted to Level 2 seller :slight_smile:

I know its a long journey to become a Top Rated Seller :smiley:

But what will be your or any other Top Rated Seller advice to me so even I can become a top rated seller one day :slight_smile:

Any advice for me is most welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Finally, someone who’s from my same category. I wanted to know how you became and top rated seller and what is the minimum rate for a completely custom website built on WordPress?

Ohh, you don’t provide webdesign related gigs.

I took a look at your gigs, I think you’re doing everything right. I’m happy Fiverr lets you charge $25 for a base gig, good for you.

Please note that the original post was made in 2012, so this user may not be active on the forum anymore. It may be a disappointment to expect a response from the OP, though it could happen. :slight_smile:

Didn’t check the date :smiley: :smiley:

I understand! These grave-dug posts are easy to miss. Since the OP hasn’t come back, this one will be archived but left up for viewing. Good luck!