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Orde cancellation

How does an order cancellation affect the account?

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It affect same when you get 5 star review from the buyer and your account start to rank on selected keyword, so if buyer does not get good experience to hire you he/she pass negative experience and it shows in your main page profile, you will start to loose your position and trust and image for other buyers and it is ultimately directly affect on your account.

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In short , order cancellation is less harmful than 1-2-3 star review.


An order cancellation will lower your order completion rate.

This could affect you if you’re close to moving up to the next level. In order to move up a level, you need an order completion rate of at least 90%.


you can say to satisfy your self. :joy:

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Cancellations happen.

It is common in any type of business.

You just carry on and work a bit harder.

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Its not about satisfaction , its about fact. 1 star review will affect you greater than 3 cancelled order ,my friend gig got removed from top row first page , due to 1 bad review . It never happened with cancelled order. So these are the facts

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