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Order 18 hours late - Fiver say wait 2 more days

My order is now 18 hours late, I find myself having paid for a 24 hour service and now am told that I must wait a further 2 days before I can cancel. This is ridiculous, the seller has not even been visible for 23 hours and Fiver are still promoting his services.

Sometimes, sellers can face some technical or personal issues. That’s why fiverr gives that much time to them. And he’s not getting promoted anywhere late/cancelled order will hurt his business and rankings.

Hi @not1beancol,

You’re not forced to wait all that long. If your order is that late and, as you say, your seller hasn’t showed up for almost a day, you can cancel your order and ask for refund, if that’s what you want.


I’ve left a message in the resolution centre, which now says the guy has two further days, the customer service rep has sent two emails saying I must wait two more days.

Nothing to do with technical issues, the guy hasn’t been seen for 23 hours and the resolution centre plus the customer support rep says wait two more days.

well it’s maybe because of a technical issue , you can never know

Sadly, that’s the rule. You need to wait.

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This is nothing to do with a technical issue, the system says wait two more days, that’s nothing to do with a technical issue.

You’re saying that a 19 hour delay with no response, and then 2 further days waiting is just the system, Others are saying its not the system just cancel ’ which is i?

Maybe this is why sellers are complaining that orders are not coming through. The replies on here seem to be saying just accept the delay, it may be a technical issue, when it’s clearly nothing whatsoever to do with a technical issue. Maybe people are just fed up of paying for a 24 hour service then being brushed off ?

That’s because you requested cancellation through the Resolution Centre, instead of doing it directly through CS. Being so, yes, you’ll need to wait.

If the seller doesn’t show up in that span time, please contact CS, once again, and kindly ask them to please cancel the order and refund you.


Yesterday, we had a winter storm in my area of the world, and we were without cell phone and internet service for a day. So, technical difficulties are a possibility, or the seller could be ill or have a family crisis.

However, as @maitasun the reason you must wait two days is that you went through the resolutions center instead of contacting CS directly with your complaint. The resolution center has automated replies.