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Order accept / decline feature for the seller


Hi there,

I am a seller since may 2017. I do my best in each and every order to meet the customer’s requirement. I always give affordable and flexible offers for buyers and I have more than 150+ orders completed with best customer satisfaction. But there is a little thing i’m frustrating about.

I got lots of orders from buyers, that they order the gig without letting me know about the order information, even without asking weather i’m able to do it or not. Since I’m doing programming stuff, there may be lot of sides which I am not familiar with, so i can’t do everything related to programming which is not a secret because I’m not a wizard. Since that I clearly state in my gigs,

“Please DO NOT order this gig without contacting me”

Even though, I get orders without any communication. Which is very inconvenience. Because each time i get that kind of an order which something i can’t do, i have to cancel the order and refund the buyer.

I was level 2 seller, Due to these kind of order cancellations I got demoted to no level. :disappointed_relieved:

To this disaster, I have a clear suggestion which fiverr development team can think of. What happens if someone is place an order on a gig, seller get’s a notification stating that you received a new order, would you prefer to accept it? and there may be buttons to accept and decline. If seller decline the order, funds should refund to the buyer’s account. If the seller accepts, the order should start as usual. If seller don’t take an action within some specified time period order should cancelled or automatically starts according to the Fiverr’s requirement. That way there is a lots of transparency on the order which we can control on.

I’m suggesting this because this is a already available function in other freelancing platforms which i am working on. And that make sense. Seller always should know information about projects that they are going to work on and seller should have to have the capability of accepting or rejecting it.

Please add your opinion as a comment, I would love to see what sellers think about this. :relaxed: :love_letter:

Thanks for reading,
Happy Fiverring & Have a nice day!

Cancelation of Order

i agree with you this needs to be solved ,this is really frustraiting for sellers


I totally agree with you!!


I doubt if fiverr will ever have an accept or decline feature since the whole purpose of the site is that someone can simply pay and start an order.


I wouldn’t want an accept/decline button, but do feel that sellers shouldn’t be penalized for ‘ordered by mistake’ etc. and buyers should have their admin fee returned on all cancelled orders (added - which weren’t the buyer’s fault), as well as the refund of the gig payment.


@misscrystal Don’t you think this feature will help you by any chance?


I think that this might discourage more buyers from cancelling as much, if buyers know that they still have to pay something even if they cancel. It might be part of why they have this.


But it does seem unfair that they don’t get the admin fee refunded if it wasn’t their fault, in a similar way to it being unfair that sellers are penalized if it’s not their fault that the order gets cancelled.


I agree with you!! :relaxed::relaxed:


As a seller who never has a cancellation that’s my fault I think buyers should not be able to cancel an order for any reason aside from non-delivery. Otherwise they need to know that when they place an order that they won’t be getting any refund.


If someone order a gig and asks to do something has not offered in the gig or a complex version of gig offers, what will be the result?


I would tell them what the gig description says they will get and then do it the best that I can. And deiver it.

I wouldn’t let them think they can get away with asking for something I don’t offer nor would they get a refund. I would say they will get what the gig offers and then give them that.

I would copy the gig description and send it to them and tell them to read it and tell them I will be sending what the gig offers.


I would say:

  • Buyers cancel without being their fault: Buyers get fee refunded.

  • Buyers cancel but it’s their fault:
    1.- No work done by sellers: Sellers must not be penalized and buyers have no fee returned.
    2.- Sellers worked on the canceled order: Sellers must not be penalized, and buyers have to pay x% of the orders’ amount for sellers’ work and no fee refunded.


That will be kind of a joke when it comes to Customer Support. Because they always issue refunds for the buyer when needed. It doesn’t matter what sellers did. because the CS always worry about money back guarantee.


That has not been my experience. I would send a notice to customer support that I do not want to give refunds for any reason unless I make a serious mistake or do not deliver. I’ve done that and customer support has agreed. That is my experience, yours might be different.


Yeah, that’s fine. but what’ll happen buyer is not satisfied further. You will need to cancel the order, or else buyer will contact CS and the order will get cancelled by CS.


Bro Fiverr will not do this . But if fiverr do this things that when a buyer will contact the fiverr support and tell them to cancel the order because they have placed order by mistake then fiverr cs will cancel but our cancellation rate will not increase . If fiverr do this then I think it will help us .Or if buyer cancel the order then our cancellation rate will not increase . I think at least fiverr should add this system .


I totally agree. It’s the penalty to the seller in these cases that really needs to change. It’s not right. I shouldn’t be penalized by being ethical.