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Order accept / decline feature for the seller

yes, this is good point. some buyer always take this opportunity to get more work by little price. agree with you. now it’s time to fiverr take action.

half of them are fake review? that’s mean 250 review X 7$usd= 1,750$ usd. so, you think people come here spending 1750$usd get 100$ job? also there no guarantee that after spending this amount money he will get this order. don’t make joke, give logical reason.

thank you

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Prior Top Rated Seller here… I couldn’t agree more with this recommendation. I have the same issue, 4 cancellations in the past month because people do not read my message in the description of each gig “IMPORTANT: PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING” causing my “completed jobs %” to drop and lower me down to a level 2 seller - despite the fact that I have maintained all other criteria for over a year.

Airbnb have a function that allows the seller to choose to either allow “Instant booking” or not. This is not rocket science - this function is basic. It makes sense to give the airbnb hosts the control over who stays in their property. I believe it also makes sense to give Fiverr sellers control over who they work with.

For the love of freelancers - please Fiverr, I’m begging, give the sellers a little bit more control! You can still be the future of work :pray::heart:

While this sounds like a good idea, it would be a nightmare if you are the type of seller with a lot of orders. You will barely get any orders because people won’t wait for you to accept or decline an order if you’re sleeping for example.

Most clients on Fiverr just want to share the order and then do their thing knowing you will get the job done. If they initiate the order and you decline that in 12 hours when you are back online, it would take days for a buyer to place an order and get the job done.


Sorry if it wasn’t clear enough in the OP, the seller has the choice to either:

  1. Allow buyers to buy instantly, or
  2. Not allow buyers to buy instantly

Still, a lot of buyers don’t even care, they place orders randomly and that will lead to buyer friction and people leaving the platform. So I am 100% sure Fiverr would not allow that.

So why do airbnb do it?

Well, with Airbnb you’re not actively working, it’s just a passive service, and you can screen your clients because they are coming to your home. Also, you’re not getting 40-50 orders per day like some people do on Fiverr. Among many other things

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If you consider airbnb hosting passive work, what do you consider running a hotel?
Why does it matter if it is passive work or active work anyway?
So you don’t think freelancers should have the right to choose which clients they work with? (Law: Under federal anti-discrimination laws, businesses can refuse service to any person for any reason, unless the business is discriminating against a protected class. At the national level, protected classes include: Race or color. National origin or citizenship status.)
I agree, for high volume sellers - it would make sense that they allow “instant orders” - all they would have to do is have the “instant orders” setting turned on.

Your arguments against the implementation of this function are very thin.

Yes you could never scale Fiverr work high at all and you’d spend a ton of time on administration and communication, which you don’t get paid for.

I agree we shouldn’t be penalized for buyers ordering the wrong things, but I think the solution is to change how those ones affect our ratings.

Another option could be a proper (automated) intake form and then if the buyer doesn’t go through it or meet all the criteria that cancellation wouldn’t count in our ratings.

That way it wouldn’t impact scaling or add extra work.

Also, on Fiverr’s end I can see why they dont have a decline feature. This is a marketplace and buyers would leave if they were vetted this way. People have deadlines and they just want to buy and get going. An automated form with established criteria for vetting would mean they are vetted without having to wait for you to personally screen them.

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Airbnb is not hotel management, just a way for someone like me or you to make some extra bucks. Fiverr is a marketplace for professionals to share their services online. You have to work here, it’s mostly active income, for Airbnb you don’t need any skill, you don’t have to work on anything, just offer the free space you have for $$.

Not sure why you are comparing with Airbnb. Anyway, it’s my opinion and I for one I am sure Fiverr will never implement this as it would cause a lot of friction and wasted time on their side. The return will be minimal for them, but adding this would drive buyers away. They need to bring more buyers here, not to drive them away. An automated process would help but as @humanissocial said, the best thing they can do is to not have us sellers deal with penalties. Then again, if sellers see they don’t get penalized if they choose this option, that would make them abuse the system and say all orders they want to cancel are placed by mistake. I believe that’s why they removed the lack of penalty from mutual cancellations in the first place, to prevent abuse.

So, I would say don’t expect any decline/accept feature anytime soon because it requires a lot of work and planning with pretty much negative returns. Again, my opinion, but I am 100% sure Fiverr will never do this as it doesn’t make any business sense.