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Order accept / decline feature for the seller

Bro you have the option you can limit your GIG’s order as you suitable.
In the GIG’s setting so the GIG will automatically disappear.

yes, this is good point. some buyer always take this opportunity to get more work by little price. agree with you. now it’s time to fiverr take action.

half of them are fake review? that’s mean 250 review X 7$usd= 1,750$ usd. so, you think people come here spending 1750$usd get 100$ job? also there no guarantee that after spending this amount money he will get this order. don’t make joke, give logical reason.

thank you

Hi misscrystal,
Yes, i sounded like upset because i was upset to be honest. Your comments sounded like “i dont care, i wont give a refund to anyone” even if this someone is not satisfied. And dont worry, im not on the side of a greedy buyer neither that asks to much for 5-10-20 bucks for example. So yes for me that i just open my business its pretty important i get a suitable logo or whatever for example and be happy with it even if i have to pay more to get it.
But im a week on fiverr and all i see are fake repeatable reviews everywhere.

Im a week here and all i see its fake reviews. So lets not act that it doesnt exist or that with 250 fake reviews you are targeting ONLY 1 buyer for 100$ job cause thats not the case.