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Order Acceptance Issue

Hello, I have completed an order of mockups designing for a buyer and he told me to deliver the source file and I have delivered. Now he is telling me that he is also a seller the order which I have done for him is actually for his client and the client is asking for apk and we cant deliver apk because it is not included in the design. Now he is not accepting my delivery because his order is also pending because his client needs apk. What should I do now? I have completed my work and if his client cancel the order he will also cancel mine

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You need to be firm - what this buyer is now wanting was NOT included in your original agreement and Gig that they purchased.

I would tell them this and send a link to a Custom Offer for however much you would charge for the APK.

Who cares if HIS order is pending and HIS buyer may cancel? That is HIS problem - he is trying to make you do more work than what was agreed to and paid for. He knows he is in a pickle now and if he cannot get this extra thing from you, his cancellation % will go up and affect his account too. He will just need to learn a lesson if he did not charge his client enough to cover the APK.

Don’t give in - this is why sellers here get ripped off.


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So…another Buyer outsourced to you.


I’m with @genuineguidance on this.

Don’t give the 'Buyer" anything else as it was not part of the original arrangement.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will never give anything but what can I do now? shall I cancel the order through customer support?

NO! I told you to send this seller (buyer) a Custom Offer for the amount you would charge for APK - that is if you are able to do this type of job. The buyer should PAY for this extra as it was not discussed or included in the Gig they bought.

Do NOT cancel - and if they try to, deny them! They are trying to get free work out of you. And the kicker is, they are probably buying your cheap Gig (don’t tell me, it was $5) and reselling it for twice the price or more? THEY dug their own hole, let them figure it out.



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Thanks for the suggestion. The order is of $60

Is okay. Don’t give him the apk, he needs to answer to his clients too.

He will be forced to pay to you for the files, or have his order cancelled… Or bad review as well.