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Order Acceptance

There should be a feature which will allow the Seller to accept/reject the order that was placed directly by the seller. Most of the time it happens that (new) Buyers just place the order without even discussing first. This (often) leads to order cancellations later on after the discussion.

If you agree/disagree please like/comment.


Of Course. I agree with you.

Alright. I disagree… strenuously.

First of all, Fiverr is not designed to force buyers to contact you first. Everything a buyer needs to place an order should already be listed within your gig packages or your order description. Buyers do not, and should not, have to contact you first.

Fiverr operates on a “retail services” freelance format. Fiverr is not like the “other” freelance sites on the internet for a reason. This is how Fiverr works. Get used to it.

Second… no, no, and no… there should NOT be a seller acceptance feature after a buyer places an order. How would you like it if you were a buyer that wanted to work with a certain seller, and he/she had to “approve” your order first? That’s a level of bias that should never be part of the process. If there’s a problem, and a seller cannot work with a certain buyer (for legitimate reasons), then that seller can offer a refund and cancel the order.

If you need to cancel, then cancel.

Sellers do not deserve features that make it harder for buyers to purchase services.


Yup! They should do that if they are counting each and every cancellation. After evaluation I cancelled over 4 orders already and that dropped my cancellation ratio a bit. But at the same time they should make a rule that sellers will get only 15 minutes to choose and must give appropriate reason if they choose to reject otherwise this kind of power might be really bad in many ways.

Here’s a novel idea… don’t cancel orders just because the buyer didn’t contact you first. If they placed an order, work with them to deliver what they need – and you can avoid the cancellation. Sheesh.

My goodness… the entitlement attitude of some people continues to baffle me. :roll_eyes:


Not saying we should cancel if they didn’t contact but we should have some option in case they didn’t read what seller is offering. 7 out of 10 times, reason behind cancellation of my order is ignorance of buyer.

You cancel 70% of your orders because people don’t contact you first!?? :open_mouth:

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lol. Man are you really not reading/getting my reply or just kidding? I meant, main reason behind cancellation of my orders is ignorance of buyer. I never said I cancel order because people don’t contact me first.

I understood you just fine.

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