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Order active but client never responded

Hi I want to get in direct contact with fiverr support to guide me on a problem that I have, a client made an order, never provided details, for some time now, I send two messages and a reminder, the order stayed active and always confused me, that’s not a problem that he didn’t finish the order by submitting the requirements, maybe he found someone else, either way, he is not responsive, the problem is that I clicked by mistake “I have everything I need” and the order is now active (this is why is confusing because it always showed there in active orders and I was looking to click something else) so now I am worrying that I will recieve a bad rating by not delivering to the client, how can I ? , the client clearly isn’t responding and I didn’t want that to be there in the first place, it stayed there for a long time… And the clock is ticking 24 hours till delivery
Help me with some guidance thx

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