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Order amounts displayed on buyer reviews



As many of you have probably noticed, on every gig page, buyer reviews are now displayed with the amount they spent on the order. Even though this has some advantage, I would rather have this optional. For privacy reasons, some people, including me, might not want to let everyone know how much money they are making on Fiverr. I really think this should be an option because it does have some advantages and could serve some sellers.

What do you think?


I don’t think it’s site-wide yet - not all of us can see this yet.


You’re correct. It seems to be still in beta. However, the point is valid. I hope they will make it optional.


If they would simply make some of these big changes optional, we could try them individually and make the best, most profitable decision for our own needs.

I do wish I could see this! I would love to know how it’s affecting my sales.

It’s a helpless feeling to know that something is going on, either driving a lot of big sales, or killing most sales, but not know what it is.