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Order answers do not align with order questions

This seems like it might be a bug. Has anyone else experienced the following:

In a number of orders I’ve seen in my order list, the answers that my clients provide for the order questions, are not displayed below the actual questions they corresponded to. In other words, the answers do not match the questions, they appear to be shifted down to the question below in the buyer’s order details.

This is deeply disconcerting when reading through a buyer’s order details. It is almost as though a question is removed, but the answers remain, so there are more answers than there are questions, and the system just matches up whatever seems logical.

It would make more sense for the answer to a question to be listed underneath the appropriate question.

NOTE: This doesn’t occur with all orders. It seems to randomly affect some orders, and not others.

Yes, I keep getting messed up order requirement’s like that for the past week or so.

It’s 100% random.

Indeed. Very odd. :thinking:

I agree, I haven’t started seeing this until this past week as well. Perhaps something is a little out of place on the coding end of things. Or something doesn’t “stick” as it is supposed to with random orders. I can work around it, but it’s still frustrating nonetheless.