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Order approved and reviewed by buyer but nothing happened in my side

This is 3rd time that’s happened with me. I delivered an order buyer approved and left a 5 Star review but order status is still delivered
N.B: Buyer review is showing on my profile but I didn’t received any funds on my account

I have this feedback option only in fiverr app but It’s not working showing failed everytime

Same here, seems like a Bug. Please contact CS.

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I’ve got a similar issue. I accepted and reviewed an order delivered to me. However, the order still shows as awaiting rating on my ‘manage orders’ page. My review is also visible on the sellers profile.

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Hmmm a bug :bug::ant::honeybee::beetle::spider:

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Forget about the app.

Try it on a :computer: and see if it works.

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at least app showing this but if I visit from pc there is nothing even it’s not showing there is any review :joy: