Order automatically ##LATE##?


When I deliver a project, sometimes the buyer does not check the project until after the deadline, and then requests modifications. This automatically throws my delivery into “##LATE##” status?


Yes, it does. Unfortunately.


What a ridiculous bug. Fiverr hates their sellers.


It’s not a bug. It was always like that (or at least since I joined).

Before, it didn’t mean much. You had a big red annoying LATE plastered above the order, and that was it. You deliver, get a review (or not), and get your funds. However, with the new analytics, it looks like it counts within the “Delivered on time” metrics.


@imabadseed Happen with everyone and we can’t do anything about it. Just increase your delivery date and try to submit it when there at least 2 days left.

Yes it does.


From a programmers point of view I suspect the developer didn’t realize what they were doing when they coded it this way or it was just plain laziness. It would have taken a bit more coding to make an exception for slow responses from the buyers not to throw delivery into late status. Also this is a tool commonly leveraged by scam artists which are becoming more and more prevalent here on Fiverr (so many people using Fiverr to get free services from sellers). It’s too bad they just don’t care about their sellers. What I see is a company who has a vision for the short-term. They are not taking into account that screwing over all of their legit sellers will ultimately lead to a downfall. Soon will be the day when all you can find on Fiverr is crappy services and scams because all of the legitimate sellers have packed up and moved shop.


That’s what I do, unfortunately some will come back on day 3 right as delivery expires and request modifications. It’s a terrible “feature”. Not to mention those who have gigs with fast delivery times, like 1-2days… I don’t do that simply because of this “feature”. That’s another reason this is hurting Fiverr. How many sellers just like me won’t offer fast deliveries because of Fiverr’s clever “features”?


You mean the automatic marking of order by fiverr?


Yes I mean right before Fiverr marks it complete.


When you deliver your order, does not the clock stop?

When order is delivered, the clock stops immediately. Lets say you delivered when there were two days left. When the buyer hit modification, the clock starts from where it was stopped i.e. 2 days.


No, the countdown timer does not stop as far as I can see. For example, I had a delivery due ont he 21st. I completed this delivery on the 19th. On the 21st buyer requests modifications, and now my delivery is late.

*So if timer is supposed to stop, which would be great, then there is indeed a bug


Its impossible. Did you deliver it where it is written “Deliver Your Order”?


It’s not impossible it just happened.


Screenshot please…


Umm ok…

Correction, buyer requested revision on the same day as deadline, *the 22nd, minutes before (not a day before), so I literally didn’t even have a minute to get the revisions done before Fiverr marked this ##LATE##. If what you said was correct I would still have 2-3 days to complete the revision that was requested.


I think that Request Modification is supposed to add 24 hours to the original deadline (but that doesn’t help you if you deliver a day or two before the deadline, and the buyer requests a modification a few minutes before the order gets automatically marked as complete).


If it added 24 hours that would be somewhat acceptable, but it didn’t add ANY time. You can see in the screenshot buyer requested modifications on date of deadline (today) at 3AM and when I checked today at 7AM it was already LATE!


In my experience, sometimes it adds 24 hours, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I solve it with a 7 day delivery time for my main gig, and often delivering in less than 24 hours.


I hear ya. My point exactly… Think of all the sale you are missing because people see that 7 day delivery time for something that they feel should be done in a day…


I’m pretty sure this is a bug from what you guys are saying, having received extra time when a modification is requested.