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Order bug - clients can't see the order

Hey everyone!
I was happy to get 2 new orders from good clients and unluckily that happened for both 2 of them.

One of them couldn’t see the delivery, he can’t open the order page, there aren’t any orders show up on his order page. He won’t be able to make a review. That’s a big bug, if he wouldn’t be a client that I get him to the Fiverr, he wouldn’t even be able to take the project files.

The second is a bigger project so we were continuously developing the project and the client was reviewing and the process took longer than we think, I opened a due date extension request, they couldn’t see it and they couldn’t approve it and it’s tagged as late right now.

Having that problem with one of the biggest marketplaces in the world is really demotivating, also me having a nice Fiverr profile and have a good relationship with my clients effecting by that bug is literally sad.

Anyone knows what’s going on? Hope the fiverr team see this.


Fiverr team won’t see this. They don’t come on the forum.
I suggest contacting CS about this, as it’s a bug and only they can fix it.


when I try to contact cs, it switches to buyer mode, is that normal?

You can contact Fiverr support…I think they can solve your issue. Besides you can tell your buyer to contact Fiverr support about this issue.

Thank you, my client already opened a support request, I also opened a new one now