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Order but no requirements sent

I have a pending order from September 18 that someone started but never filled in the requirements. I sent a reminder long ago but no response. I want to ask them to cancel the order but I’m not sure exactly how it would affect my completion rate. I’ve been pretty content to just sit on it because it’s not hurting anything. Would asking the buyer or Fiverr to cancel the order negatively affect my completion rate given the circumstances?

I would just let it sit.:no_mouth:

I have an order from nearly a year ago where the buyer never came back to fill in the requirements. If you cancel your order now, then it will count against your order completion rate. :roll_eyes:


I have about 30 of them dating back to 2015. I can’t believe so many people order something and then just forget it.

I recently requested a buyer to mutual cancel the order with the same scenario. Unfortunately, this does affect your cancellation rates.

I occasionally send an order to CS for cancellation. Space them out a bit so it doesn’t affect your rankings.

And Fiverr just collects the funds. Kind of like no interest loans. :thinking:

I only have one, but I am worried :worried: that as soon as I cancel it, I will get a slew of other cancellations! :scream: