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'Order by Agreement' Status please!

I have a request which would make life so much easier as a Fiverr seller! Lately I have been very booked up, with a list of buyers waiting in the wings.

My gig descriptions clearly state that buyers need to contact me before ordering to see if I can fit them in, but despite this I am getting flooded with spontaneous orders from buyers who haven’t read the description! I don’t want to cancel a lot of orders, that casts both me and the buyer in a bad light, so I’ve been struggling and working through the night to try and meet these unwanted orders.

Vacation mode won’t solve the problem because the clients who are in the queue are placing new orders every day, my gigs are very much active! Is there any way we could have an optional ‘Order by Agreement’ status, which, when active, would work like the cancellation system and only allow new gigs to be ordered with the seller’s consent? This would also be really useful for avoiding orders which don’t fit the gig description. My partner is also a Fiverr seller and has encountered the same problem, so I’m sure it must be pretty common!

All the best,


Cat, I and many other sellers are asking something similar from years, but I suppose Fiverr is not going to implement anything similar 'cause this leads to a money loss :frowning:

If you search Decline order or Refuse order on this forum you can find several threads…