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Order By Mistake/ Cancellation Rate

Hi I’ve couple of orders by mistake recently

And I always have to open a dispute to cancel the order (sometimes i choose reason other: and writeorder by mistake) Sometimes I put buyer will order again

And all of them are affecting my order completion rate.

Is there another way to rectify it?

I find it unfair that my order completion is getting affected when the buyer ordered by mistake :frowning:


No way to get around it, sorry. Every cancellation effects your stats.

today i have cancelled one order & same thing happen to me. it’s really unfair but what to do. this is fiverr policy & we can’t do anything…

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I agree with you.
I have almost lost my level because of this. :disappointed_relieved:

My friend went from level 2 to level 0 because of it. :confounded: :flushed:

It is not fair, but we have all of the sellers who have and continue to cancel because they do not want a bad review to thank for this situation we find ourselves in. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I haven’t really experienced orders by mistake, but I think if you marked the option ‘Attach file is Mandatory’, you won’t encounter such. A buyer who made mistake in ordering cannot make the same mistake in attaching a file.

From the past ones that I have encountered, cancelling an incomplete order doesn’t affect your completion rate.

Will reporting or contacting the fiverr support team about the orders by mistake help at all?
Because i am close to my evaluation and i had to people that ordered by mistake.

One accidentally ordered twice, the other by mistake

What would you be expecting CS to do in a situation like this?

Your issue is with the buyer who “ordered my mistake”. You really have only two choices… one, find a way to salvage the order so that the buyer gets work they need from you, and you don’t need to cancel the order… or, two, cancel the order and move on.

I was hoping that the can tweak the analytics or discount that mistaken order from the order completion rate calculation, that is all.

It just doesnt make sense to be punish for 60 days from something that was done by mistake w/ proof of evidence, doesn’t it?

But fair enough.

hi, this reply i got from fiverr CS.:disappointed_relieved:

"please keep in mind that all cancellations are counted towards the analytic. "

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That’s not how Fiverr works. Fiverr does not manually manipulate user stats. Analytics are automatic, and a direct result of the choices you choose to make as a seller.

No, it doesn’t. But Fiverr has made it clear that ALL cancellations count within your analytics. Therefore, the choice remains with you… cancel the order as a mistake, or be proactive, and find a creative way to offer services to the buyer so that the order does not need to be canceled.

Fair enough, thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes It’s joke. I’m going to lose my level for buyer mistake. Buyer said He contacted with Fiverr support. And It will not affect in my account. But I got punishment for buyer mistake. :frowning:

This is such an annoying thing. I’m fairly new on fiverr, just a few months and a buyer once accidentally placed a double order and cancelled one. I was like that’s chill, no big deal! Later I opened my fiverr app on the phone on the phone and it said -12$ and I was like WHAT. I LOST MONEY? But turns out it’s that order, plus it affects me?! Whut. So I wish they figured out how to make this affect the buyers ratings more so than sellers.

From personal experience I can say that support CAN help with this. I myself had an order from a buyer by mistake and I contacted support explaining the situation. They canceled the order for me and it did NOT have effect on my cancellation rate. On my analytics page at the overview of cancellations, one of them clearly states ‘initiated by support’.

This was the reply I got from support

Thank you for contacting us regarding this order. I see that the buyer has agreed to cancel the order, so I went ahead and canceled the order for you. Your buyer should be able to correctly place the order now.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.