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Order by mistake

Hello There…

A few hours ago I got an order from a client… And after sometime the client asking me to cancel the order by saying it was ordered by mistake. Now My question is, is there any way to cancel the order without affecting my order completion rate ??

Thank you

Sadly I’m afraid there isn’t - all cancellations count against the seller. :frowning_face:


I agree with offlinehelpers. In your case you can only increase number of your sales. In this way only one cancellation will not affect you. Still you have a month till the next Evaluation!

Another way is talking to client. Explain him that this cancellation will affect your business on Fiver. Find out what is real need of this client and offer him what he really needs. Even you may offer him more work for same money. For me it usually works.

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all cancellations count against the seller :frowning: really painful . but one cancellation not affected. :slight_smile:

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